3 Keys Things to Cycle Sync


3 keys things to cycle sync your business. As women we are not taught enough about our menstrual cycles, let alone how to actually live and thrive with them. Once I learned that cycle syncing is simply just aligning your daily lifestyle (think eating habits, business tasks, hobbies, etc.) to whatever stage of your menstrual cycle is in, the entire way I run my business changed for the better

Let’s start with a hormone horror story …

After having my fourth child and launching a business in 2020, I couldn’t figure out why sometimes I felt energetic and ready to take on endless sales calls, and on other days when I couldn’t even be pulled away from the couch long enough even to open my computer.

Was it postpartum depression? Anxiety? I had no clue! All I knew is that I couldn’t function the same way at the beginning of the month as I could at the end of the month. I spoke to my doctor about it and we agreed to do a hormone panel and see how everything was going six months postpartum. What we discovered was shocking, to say the least …

My hormones were off the charts in a million directions and explained why I was struggling so much with regulating my life with four kids. My doctor suggested I try seed cycling along my natural menstrual cycle and it was like a light went off in my head. 

I immediately started doing research on everything that had to do with syncing your life with your cycle and genuinely understanding how my body works. I learned three key things that are critical when it comes to syncing your menstrual cycle with your business. And now, I refuse to gatekeep them and would rather share them with you! 

Learn how the hormones work for each phase and what they do

When I first got started all I wanted was to understand what was happening in my body. I started with Pinterest, then TikTok, and picked up every book I could find. I learned early on that I’m going to feel my best during weeks 2 and 3 of my cycle, my follicular phase and ovulating phase. 

That’s when my energy will be high, I’m going to want to be social, and feel like I can take on the world. Then weeks one and four of my cycle are more focused on low-energy style tasks. Your menstrual phase and your luteal phase are when your progesterone is its highest and it impacts your mood and level of energy. 

Once I had a clear understanding of that, i was able to delegate tasks to specific times of the month. 

Establish which tasks in your business are low-energy tasks and high-energy tasks 

Once I understood what my body was doing throughout each month, I was then able to look at my business in a new light. 

I looked at each of the individual tasks that I had to accomplish on a daily or weekly basis and categorised them by low energy, high energy, high impact, and low impact. 

I then took each of the tasks and gave them a category within my standard operating procedures, so that when I am trying to plan out a month of work or content, I know what times are going to be the best to work on those things. 

Organise your tasks accordingly and take breaks when needed

One of the things I learned about cycle syncing my business is that as women we just don’t operate the same way as men. Let me show you …

Men are on 24-hour hormone cycles, meaning they feel relatively the same day and day out. As women that’s just not our reality. I learned how to use my cycle as a superpower to be able to not allow my business to burn me out. 

In a world where women are fighting to be like men, in every way, I am out here, embracing my natural nature as a woman and teaching and empowering other women to do the same. 

I no longer feel burned out in my business, I feel like I have balance as a woman, and use nature as a life hack. I don’t run myself into the ground anymore, trying to scale my business in a way that’s not sustainable. My business begins and ends with my cycle, as does every other area of my life.

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Samantha Martinez
Samantha is a 29 year old mother of four, married for 9 years, and a serial entrepreneur for nearly a decade. After spending years struggling to find information online, and joining multiple network marketing businesses, she learned that she had a passion for coaching with intermingled sales involved. She has read well over 300 books on human communication, sales psychology, business strategy, relationships among humans, and holistic health. Reading has become a dedicated use of her time to further her knowledge in her field. She recently launched The Babypreneur Academy in an effort to impact new entrepreneurs on their journey in an affordable way, that offers more value than their investment. When it comes to her 1:1 mentorship, she works exclusively with women, teaching them how to cycle sync their life, optimize their businesses, and become more productive without saying "I'm busy" all the time. She has the ambition to walk stages worldwide as a keynote speaker in the next 5 years and travel the world with her family to be a leading icon among women.