4 years old – Happy Anniversary


4 years old – Happy Anniversary – Maverick Paradox Magazine! The magazine is now a toddler – who is up and running! Still lots to learn and do on our journey in provoking curiosity – and so much more fun to have!

The Maverick Paradox Magazine has been read in 84% of the world! The top 10 countries are:

  • UK
  • US
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • India
  • Phillipines
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • South Africa

There were 260 posts in 2023 with the most popular post of the year being 6 traits of a maverick? Their attributes? Written by me! This is amazing as it was originally written in 2020, demonstrating the long tail of the magazine!

The magazine’s front page continues to change as I update it based on the readership and the changing themes of the articles that are published. I’m especially pleased of the neurodiverse column that continues to educate us, because it’s informed by the neurodivergent and their voices aren’t heard enough. Cognitive diversity.

Each time someone returns to the magazine, they will find different content to read or listen to. With some of the columns returning ‘random’ posts, it’s a chance to discover or rediscover an article that you might not have read before. With over a 1,000 articles it’s certainly possible that you’ve not read them all!

There have been plenty of thought provoking and challenging articles over the last four years, on a variety of topics that fit under the themes of leadership or business. The magazine looks at the world from a Maverick perspective, often publishing content from lateral thinkers. This is what gives the magazine its unique look and feel, and why it is loved by its growing international audience.

We enter 2024 with the following Featured Columnists:

David Chislett, Jo Farmer, Astrid Davies, Judith Germain, Josuel Rogers, Ben Baker
  • David Chislett
  • Jo Farmer
  • Astrid Davies
  • Judith Germain
  • Josuel Rogers
  • Ben Baker

The Featured Columnists will be sharing why they write for the magazine, throughout this Anniversary month. Do look out for those articles.

To date we have had over 160 guest writers, who have shared with us their own perspectives to their expert areas. All 385 of The Maverick Paradox Podcast’s episodes are also available to access from the magazine as well.

As the Editor and Founder of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, I can honestly say that I’m extremely proud of our writers, and grateful for our readers.

Want to write for us?

We are always on the lookout for great guest writers that are experts in their field and see the world and their expertise from a maverick (wilfully independent) perspective.

This year The Maverick Paradox Magazine has been ranked as number 31 of the 100 Best Leadership blogs to follow in 2024, out of thousands of global leadership blogs on the web! Amazing! That’s up from #59 last year, I never thought that would happen!

It’s a testament to all the writers that have shared their expertise and the readers that have enjoyed reading their thoughts.

The Maverick Paradox Magazine

Thank you guys, my Swagger of Socialised Mavericks. Happy 4th Anniversary.

How do you usually read the magazine?

It’s not such a daft question, as there are many ways to read the magazine. For example I know many people like to read the individual articles when they are published on the Maverick Paradox Media LinkedIn Page.

You can access that here.

Others prefer to read the articles when they are distributed across social media, or they sign up to the magazine feed so get their article as soon as it is published.

Join the growing number of subscribers here.

Another good way to read the magazine is actually via the magazine’s home page as the content is dynamic and you can browse the many sections and get a better feel for how Maverick Leadership can be within everything. Like most magazine’s, it’s great to pick up and browse the many sections. There are over 1,000 articles from over 160 writers – so there’s lots to choose from.

Returning to the magazine will always return new content. Designed for the pathologically curious!

4 years old – Happy Anniversary – Here’s to the many years ahead … thanks for reading and supporting us.


[1] A Swagger is defined by Judith Germain as the Collective Noun for Socialised Mavericks.