Alpha 2024 – ringing the changes


Alpha 2024 – ringing the changes. This is a common sentiment from business owners and leaders alike. 2024 is to be the year of change and personal growth, and I’m no different. I entertain a desire to ring the changes too.

However, I’m well aware that many felt a groundswell of anticipation of a great 2020 … and then the pandemic hit. So, fingers crossed that 2024 is not false hope.

To ring the changes requires determination and risk at home, at work or both.

My question to you is … what are you determined to do?

I will definitely aim to pace myself better, taking more time to relax and take up pursuits that are not related to my work. I failed miserably at this last year. I also intend to finally write that second book, after saying I would do this for the last 2 years. It’s finally time to put pen to paper. I also plan to do more in-person speaking events. Leadership Live was great last year.

I have really enjoyed the number of virtual events I participated in 2023 and the ability to reach audience members across the globe. I look forward to continuing this in 2024.

These are my reflections of last year.

Alpha 2024 – ringing the changes. So, what do I hope for this year?

Firstly, like last year, I pause and enjoy the quiet of early morning, whilst anticipating the change of the New Year. I still ponder on the many things that remain uncertain and just how much has changed, since the pandemic, on our Macro and Micro environments.

Global conflict, social change, and AI integration, seen through the lens of the individual has driven unrest, uncertainty and a desire for change. This individualistic perspective is fuelling organisational change, especially as Generation Z, starts to make themselves known in the workplace.

In a world of unrest the only way to create certainty is to take action yourself.

Judith Germain

I think this will be the year that people take action to provide the certainty they crave for; and organisations will follow suit. At The Maverick Paradox we catalyse transformation so that business owners, organisations and individuals can thrive in constantly shifting environments.

My desire to create clear thinking and decisive leaders fuels me and the Maverick Paradox to continue to support individuals, organisations and business owners on their journeys. Whether that is via mentoring, training, consulting or other interventions, to enhance leadership capability, presence and influence. We stand ready to assist where we can.

I can see a lot of my energy being spent helping leaders and organisations amplify their influence, and assisting my clients enhance their leadership capability by utilising the principles of Maverick Leadership. I have a number of immersive mentoring programmes that I have been using to support clients in their endeavours.

Maverick Paradox will continue to catalyse transformation, and benefits from new team members to continue to make this possible for our clients.

Alpha 2024 – ringing the changes.

The Maverick Paradox

In 2023 we won Management Training Specialists of the Year, in the Innovation and Excellence Awards. We were recognised for making a profound impact on the industry by delivering unparalleled management training and surpassing the expectations of our clients. We also won Most engaging leadership coaching consultancy 2023, in the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards. These awards honour outstanding companies in their respected industries.

This year sees us supporting clients at all stages of the leadership journey. From Emerging Leaders, through to Senior Leaders, Exec Teams and Board Members. We also work with Business Owners and Trustees – therefore supporting all that need to catalyse transformation where it intersects with:

  • business growth
  • leadership
  • culture
  • diversity
  • change
  • impact and influence

With new members joining the team, we have new service offerings, and more capacity to catalyse transformation and deliver more of our innovative programmes and events throughout the year.

The Maverick Paradox Gateway

We are your gateway to Impactful Contextualised Leadership, whether you run your own business or work within someone else’s. We enable your leadership to have impact and influence.

We utilise Maverick Leadership principles, Emotional Awareness and Lateral Thinking to enable business owners, leaders and organisations, to thrive in complex, constantly changing environments, by improving their diversity of thought, influence and leadership capability.

More information can be found here. (And yes, updating the website is a job for 2024!)

Through The Maverick Leadership Framework™ and The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ we help design and deliver bespoke solutions via the following themes:

  • The Lateral Thinker
  • Change Eager Leadership
  • The Capable Leader
  • The Effective Maverick Leader
  • Core Identity™
  • Leadership Identity™
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Consolidation and growth
  • Maverick Leader

New additions to the Maverick Gateway

All our programmes and interventions are bespoke or tailored to our clients needs. Our new additions are no different and include:

  • From Mental Resilience to Mental Toughness
    Core Negotiations Skills and Strategies
  • Active Listening Skills
  • Storytelling for Leaders
  • Moving into Management
  • Time Management Skills
  • Outcome Planning
  • Management Skills Training
  • Coaching Programmes in addition to our Mentoring Programmes

Accredited Institute of Leadership Programmes

  • The Leading Change with the Brain in Mind™ Programme
  • The Breakthrough Leadership Development Programme™

Judith Germain

This year sees me developing my personal brand so that it is more visible and distinct from the Maverick Paradox and Maverick Paradox Media brands. In terms of my personal proposition, it is:

I create clear thinking and decisive leaders by challenging hidden assumptions and deploying insightful immersion.

I do this via my mentoring services, speaking, training and writing. I continue to work within the Maverick Paradox and Maverick Paradox Media brands (as before) – and loving every moment!

Mentoring Services

The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™

Copyright – Judith Germain 2021

The Maverick Leadership Framework™

Copyright – Judith Germain 2022

What else am I intending to focus on?

  • This year sees me taking more time out for personal reflection and growth, I didn’t really do that last year.
  • I will revamp my LinkedIn Newsletter – Leadership is personal, where I share Maverick Insights on thriving in a complex, constantly changing world. Do check it out, it will be more personal this year.
  • I will also continue hosting and developing: The Maverick Paradox Podcast which is now in the top 1.5% global most popular podcasts up from being in the top 2% this time last year! It has also risen from #11 to #2 best UK Leadership podcast to follow.
  • I will continue to be the Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, sourcing great writers and sharing their insight with the world. We’ve published over 1,000 articles.
  • This year also sees me continuing as HRZone’s Leadership Columnist and Culture Pioneer Judge.
  • I will write book 2!
  • Continued C-Suite mentoring and Maverick Leadership is also on the cards for this year.
  • More interviews and public speaking also, as well as the development of a new website!
  • I’m also looking to have a couple more partnerships in place.

Thinking about it, there are a lot of things I was focusing on last year, that I will continue to focus on this year, in addition to the new things I’ve mentioned. I feel that this is a good thing, time will tell!

So will 2024 be the good year everyone is hoping for? What are you working on?