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Thursday, 21 January, 2021

Amber Christian

Amber Christian is the founder of wonderly software solutions. Prior to wonderly, Amber spent 18+ years implementing SAP solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Based on her experiences as a small company working with a variety of Fortune 500 companies, she uses human centered design processes to build solutions that address the unique productivity and collaboration challenges in today's work world. Amber is a regular author and speaker on a variety of technology topics.

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Embracing joy by burning your map

Embracing joy by burning your map. What were you supposed to be doing this year? At the beginning of the year, did you sit down and establish your plans for what you would accomplish this...

From uncertainty burnout to restoring hope

From uncertainty burnout to restoring hope. In mid-March I was in Mexico City at a small gathering of entrepreneurs. After we left the US to travel to Mexico, we watched as Europe was steadily shutting...

Respecting the roller coaster

Respecting the roller coaster. Around we world, we are all riding a crazy roller coaster. The blueprints were never formally written for this roller coaster. Many of us feel like we have been thrust...

Refilling your inspiration bucket

Refilling your inspiration bucket. Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Day in, day out. Days, weeks, months go by before we realise it. Doesn't it seem to you that time moves faster each year? As we lead...

Navigating through project gridlock

Navigating through project gridlock. Have you ever worked on a project or initiative where you felt stuck? It’s not moving, it’s frustrating, and no one knows what to do. Each conversation you have veers down...

Wilfully independent world blending

Wilfully independent world blending. Hi, I’m Amber. I love to solve business problems with technology, and make your socks go up and down in the process. I’m a wilfully independent (maverick) tech entrepreneur of...



Do you make pictures when you speak?

Do you make pictures when you speak? Watching the Grand Prix on TV, I found myself getting confused from time to time because of the way the commentator was describing the action. Let me give you an example of the kind of thing he was saying (not an actual quote).

The power of authentic persuasion

Note to listeners: This episode was recorded in June 2020. The coronavirus (COVID -19) was recognised as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation...

My question – are you ready?

My question - are you ready? "In a few hundred years, when the history of our time will be written from a long-term perspective, it...

From Grief to Jazzed

From Grief to Jazzed. Wilful intention, bravery, and you. In October I wrote about the grief of 2020, about what we have lost and what we grieve. If you are like me, the list may have grown. Mine did and now counts souls of loved ones.

Happy Anniversary – Maverick Paradox

Happy Anniversary - Maverick Paradox Magazine! A year ago was the official launch of the magazine. In late November 2019 I decided to add...
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