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Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Chantal Cornelius

Chantal Cornelius has spent the last 20 years helping coaches, consultants and speakers to grow successful businesses. She is on a mission to stop them from wasting money on their marketing, cutting through the confusion of what marketing will work and the frustration of trial and error. She believes that no one should have to struggle to grow a successful business and in her articles she will show you how to do that.

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Is Your Business Really Different?

Is Your Business Really Different? “No one else does what I do; my business is unique.”This is what I hear all the time from businesses that are struggling to grow. They are convinced...



Sound is the quickest way to the brain

Note to listeners: This episode was recorded in January 2020 prior to the coronavirus (COVID-19) being recognised as a pandemic by the...

The Maverick Factory

The Maverick Factory. Are Mavericks born that way? Or can they be created?I am not certain that there...

Corporate Maverick: Your Communication

The Corporate Maverick: Your Communication. There is always something we learn early in life that simply stays with us forever, isn’t there?...

Lessons from Lockdown – “Trust no one”

Lessons from Lockdown #4 “Trust no one”. In my previous articles on lockdown, as experienced by a Misanthropic Maverick (someone whose difference...

Doing the detective work

In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Pamela Biasca Losada who is a health and emotional empowerment coach. Pamela discusses the need to...
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