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Chantal Cornelius

Chantal Cornelius has spent the last 20 years helping coaches, consultants and speakers to grow successful businesses. She is on a mission to stop them from wasting money on their marketing, cutting through the confusion of what marketing will work and the frustration of trial and error. She believes that no one should have to struggle to grow a successful business and in her articles she will show you how to do that.

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Still Insisting on Instagram?

Still Insisting on Instagram? For Your Marketing? Every three months I measure my marketing. I look at my list of current clients in my database and check the source – how each one heard about...

Nothing New About Content Marketing

There’s Nothing New About Content Marketing. Recently there’s been a big buzz around ‘Content Marketing’. We’re being told that that we must do content marketing, that it’s the next big thing for marketing and that we’re missing out if we’re not using this great new marketing tool.

Cold calling does it work?

Cold calling does it work? “I hate cold calling. I don’t like picking up the phone and trying to sell my services by cold calling.” If this is something that you’d ever said to yourself or...

Why You Don’t Need Social Media

Why You Don’t Need Social Media to Promote Your Business! “Do I really have to spend time on social media to promote my business?” she asked me. “Should I have a business Facebook page? What...

Is Your Business Really Different?

Is Your Business Really Different? “No one else does what I do; my business is unique.”This is what I hear all the time from businesses that are struggling to grow. They are convinced that they...


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Can we be the natural healing we need?

Can We Be the Natural Healing We Need? In December 1960, with Elvis Presley’s vibrato laden ‘It’s Now or Never’ at number one in the music...

Maverick Paradox Media: What’s on

Maverick Paradox Media: What’s on this week? Maverick Paradox Media consists of: The Maverick Paradox Podcast The Maverick Paradox MagazineThe Maverick Paradox @ KLDR (Weekly...

What would you live for?

What would you live for? In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Aaron Huey about 'what would you live for?' He asks what would...

We are all people act accordingly

We are all people act accordingly. I firmly believe that Leadership is knowing ourselves and those we are responsible for as people and therefore...

The Gift in Every Experience

The Gift in Every Experience – Choose Your Words! Studies have shown how words are of little importance in verbal communication generally. When we...
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