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Christopher Burgon

Christopher Burgon is a specialist litigation solicitor, helping business owners and property owners win court cases and other disputes.He is the Principal of a specialist litigation law firm in the City. He qualified as a solicitor in 2000 and has specialised since then in complex litigation for large companies, SMEs and private individuals in Central London. He has a wealth of experience, expertise and a proven track record which are often only associated with large City and West End practices.He takes a strategic approach to achieving the results his clients want and understands the emotional rollercoaster that legal proceedings can be.During his time he has acquired a high level of knowledge amongst a wide range of specialist areas including:• Partnership Disputes and Shareholder Disputes • Search Orders, Freezing Orders and Injunctions • Contract Disputes • Property Disputes • Professional Negligence • Insolvency • Directors Disqualification Proceedings • Contentious Probate • Commercial Landlord and Tenant matters

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