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Cynthia Davis

Cynthia Davis spent the formative years of her life growing up in Leeds, West Yorkshire having been born in Zimbabwe. Upon completing her degree, she spotted the extent of opportunities within the world of recruitment. However, problems within the industry soon became extremely clear - in her first consultancy role within a recruitment business based in Leeds where out of the 120 people, there were only 5 women, with her being the only woman of colour. In a bid to provide a solution, Cynthia set her sights on making her own corrections. Her latest venture, Diversifying.io, is tackling these issues head on. Diversifying.io is a recruitment platform which lists vacancies from inclusive employers, and those that have a passion for promoting diversity. Diversifying.io has many FTSE100 companies using the platform, including Sky, BT, eBay, Aldi & Metro Bank, alongside some prolific establishments such as The Mayor of London, The House of Commons and The Prince’s Trust. In the last year, Diversifying.io has advertised over 10,000 positions for 800+ companies, and attracted more than 200,000 job seekers to the site.

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