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Dana Vogelmeier

Dana Vogelmeier launched Vogelmeier Consulting in 2018 after working over 30 years for a Fortune 50 company. During her tenure she worked for more than 25 years leading diverse teams and working for different types of leaders with their own unique styles. She began examining the teams she led and the leaders she worked with to determine the differences. Some experiences were great, energizing, engaging, magical teams. Other times teams struggled to find harmony. Her work with employee engagement and her own success with leading teams, led to her being selected to improve the workplace atmosphere in one division where she improved the employee opinion scores by 30%. After this, she knew she wanted to help other companies and leaders create work environments people love. She wants everyone to work for a company that they can’t imagine leaving and to feel engaged and fulfilled at the end of the day.   Dana is a lifelong learner and holds an undergraduate degree in Business, a master’s degree in Leadership, a designation of Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD), is Prosci® certified for Change Management, and Dare to Lead® trained. She is actively involved at the local and national level with the Association of Talent Development and with Rotary International.  “We work 40-50 years in our lifetimes. Let’s make it great!”

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