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John Knotts

John is a personal and professional business coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience in military, non-profit, and commercial leadership and operations. He has an extensive background in strategy, change, process, leadership, management, human capital, training and education, innovation, design, and communication. John is a 21-year Air Force Veteran, was a former consultant with Booz | Allen | Hamilton, and was a strategic business advisor with USAA. John owned a consulting business, Crosscutter Enterprises, since retiring from the Air Force in 2008. He’s been very involved in non-profit organizations since the early 1990s. John was a Doctoral student in the field of Industrial and Organizational Psychology with Walden; holds a Master’s Degree in Quality Systems Management from National Graduate School; and his Bachelor’s is in Management from American Military School. He has a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt from Smarter Solutions, a Master’s-level certification as a Change Management Advanced Practitioner from Georgetown University, and Change Management certification from Prosci. Additionally, he has had extensive training and education in information technology, project management, and agile methodologies. John has an extensive writing, speaking, facilitating, and teaching background. In the Air Force, he was instructor-certified and is an Advanced Toastmaster with experience in 13 different clubs in Europe and the United States. John’s also a certified Master Speechwriter. For both National Graduate School and Hallmark University, John’s been an Adjunct Professor. He’s published six books, is an avid blogger, and is a prolific writer for Forbes. John and his wife, Lori, enjoy horses, golf, reading, writing, and traveling. Together, they own Fine Print Farms, an Equestrian Eventing Destination in the Texas Hill Country. They also are the founders of two equine-related non-profits.

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