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Keo Sar

For over 11+ years Keo has played key roles in helping startups in various stages of their life-cycle figure out how to grow and scale as effectively as possible. His belief is that businesses built for scale can unlock value for all stakeholders and have a net positive for humanity. His mission is to work with leaders and their teams to find the strategic edge and help them execute on it. Prior to joining August Hill, Keo was the CRO at Shyft and co-founded a startup in the blockchain space. Throughout his career he has held senior leadership roles in several companies, building and leading cross-functional teams in Business Development, Sales, Operations and Customer Service. The companies have ranged from Series A (Octane & Lenda) to a company that IPO’d with an $8B exit (Lending Club).Before catching the startup bug and going on that journey Keo gained valuable experience at a couple Fortune 100 companies. Keo is passionate about talent development, being involved in building technologies that enhance the human experience and finding the most effective ways to scale companies. He is also a regular at industry conferences and has done several keynotes and panel discussions. Outside of work Keo spends most of his time with his dog BB, traveling, writing and immersing himself in his curiosities.

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