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Linda Sage

Baking a cake with murderers, afternoon tea with rapists and thieves, have been part of a non run of the mill life of Linda Sage. Living and working around the world as a criminal psychologist, lecturer, author, podcaster, speaker and broadcaster, didn't save her from burnout through the accumulated pressure of work, caring for elderly parents and a daughter on the Autistic Spectrum. Since 2011 Linda has been passionately empowering individuals to care for themselves. Self-care is not a luxury, mental health should not be taboo and asking for help is not a weakness. Helping organisations cultivate & strengthen the mental health capacity of their staff in order to increase morale, enhance productivity, improve retention, engagement & efficiency. Unmask mental health & hidden disabilities in the workplace to break social stigma to build better relationships and a better business. Unmask mental health to break the social stigma and build better businesses.

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