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Lynn Erasmus

Lynn Erasmus is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, author, and CEO of SYMBL – (Social Young & Multinational Business Leaders CIC) – supporting “Third Culture Individuals” to settle in the UK and consulting, training, and coaching culturally diverse companies.

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How Belonging Makes You Unstoppable

How Belonging Makes You Unstoppable. With the constant change, disruptions and outside chaos going on, we are experiencing a major disconnection with our integrity.  Integrity at its most base meaning is the bond we have with ourselves, being true to...

Supporting women – right thing?

Women supporting women - is it the right thing to do? Why would you hire a woman or a person of colour?” I ask. “Well, my dear, it is the ‘Right’ thing to do after all,...



Diversity in the haircare industry

Diversity in the haircare industry. In the words of Author Chan, "Diversity is fact, Equity is choice, and Inclusion is an action." These profound...

Lessons from the Dojo floor

Lessons from the Dojo floor. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Brent Earlewine about lessons from the Dojo floor. They explore the leadership...

The impact of boundaries on leadership

The impact of boundaries on leadership. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Dana Skaggs about the impact of boundaries on leadership, specifically focusing...

Prioritising Mental Health for Entrepreneurs

Unlocking Success By Prioritising Mental Health for Entrepreneurs. In the ever-changing landscape of business, maintaining mental health and well-being is crucial for success. While...

From Rhetoric to Reliability

From Rhetoric to Reliability: Crafting a Trustworthy Identity in the Age of Information. How we describe ourselves is irrelevant if no one believes us. Way...

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