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Mayank Shah

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Nurturing the unicorns of tomorrow

Nurturing the unicorns of tomorrow. What it will take to support the entrepreneurial talent of Ethnic Minority Businesses to nurture them into the Unicorns of tomorrow? Determination, diversity and driven to succeed, are some...

Leaders must think: supplier diversity

Leaders must think: supplier diversity. To level the playing field, supply chains must change. Recent movements like black lives matter and taking the knee have highlighted the racial inequalities in society. However, never has a movement...



Create from a place from surrender

Create from a place from surrender not hustle. In today's conversation Judith Germain speaks to Jake Sasseville about how to create from a place...

Why International Transgender Day?

Why do we have International Transgender Day of Visibility? Do you have any trans or non-binary employees in your organisation? That is a question...

Which Problem Are You Solving?

Which Problem Are You Solving? Ask for what you really want, not what you think you need. “Bling!”  A new message. “Can I ask you a quick...

Mistakes businesses make

Mistakes businesses make. In today's conversation Judith Germain speaks to Tim Redmond about the mistakes that businesses make. He believes that you can widen...

Self mastery not fixing you

Self mastery not fixing you. In today's episode Judith Germain speaks to Catherine Llewellyn about self mastery being the first step to self leadership....

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