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Moeed Amin

With his background in Neuroscience, Psychology and Sales, Moeed brings a unique approach to help sellers dramatically improve their results using the science of persuasion. Recognised for generating over £200M in additional revenue and funding for his clientele, Moeed applies the neuroscience of decision-making to help sellers gain trust, accelerate deals and increase order values. His 20-year career spans prestigious organisations such as CEB, Informa, Gartner, Ovum, and Datamonitor, and various leadership and advisory roles in tech-based start-ups. He has helped turn around declining businesses to YoY growth of over 40% and has spent over 6 years exclusively selling to C-Level Executives in multi-billion dollar organisations across 10 different industries. Moeed has interviewed 428 B2B buyers across 10 industries, 9 functional responsibilities and 3 seniority levels to unearth invaluable insights into their decision-making process. This unique perspective, coupled with his application of behavioural science, has made Moeed an indispensable mentor for salespeople and company founders.

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