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Thursday, 22 October, 2020

William Buist

William works with Directors and Owners, building better business.He has a well-developed ability to ask the right question to unlock your blocks and barriers. Those questions may, at times, appear difficult and uncomfortable, and you might otherwise avoid them. Yet together with him, they let you uncover insight into your way of working. Rather than remaining unasked, these crucial, vital questions give you the clear understanding of what has to be done.When the answers aren’t comfortable, you need a supporting, non-judgemental, steady hand to assist you as you sift through the new information. Central to William’s work is that his clients feel at the heart of the process, in control of what happens by making better decisions. Through his work you will feel empowered to confidently build a better business.His next programme: https://kickstart.williambuist.com/

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