Bringing your whole self to work


Bringing your whole self to work. In this 300th episode Judith Germain speaks to Nick Day MD of the multi -award wining Recruitment Agency JGA and Woosh Raza Director of People, Culture and Inclusion of NCVO. He is also Co-chair of the CIPD Central London Branch. They discuss whether you should really bring your whole self to work from an identity viewpoint; and how you should do it.

First point of discussion is whether it’s actually safe to bring your whole safe to work an whether we should be talking about your authentic or best self. How to we handle the multi faceted person, their past, present and future.

Is this really a discussion of inclusivity and acceptance? Is the real question how should the organisation provide a safe space. How professional is the organisation and what is its responsibility around the power dynamics.

This is a lively discussion between Nick, Woosh and Judith where they wrestle with this question and the challenges that it represents.

Maverick leadership is all about thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. It’s about having the courage to take risks and the confidence to lead in a way that is authentic and genuine.

But amplifying your influence as a leader isn’t just about having a strong vision or a big personality. It’s also about having the right leadership capability and being able to execute on your ideas and plans.

The consequences of not having the right level of influence as a leader can be significant. Without the ability to inspire and motivate others, you may struggle to achieve your goals and make a real impact.

How Influential Are you? Take the scorecard at and see. 

Nick Day can be found on LinkedIn here. His website is here. Woosh Raza can be found on LinkedIn here.

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