Christmas wishes for your business


Christmas wishes for your business. Christmas is a time of year where we all sit back and take a moment to reflect on what we have and what we have achieved. For some people, it is a time to think about all the things in our lives which we should feel thankful for.

However, a lot of the time, people will focus on the things they haven’t got and feel a sense of regret about the decisions they have made or the goals they have not yet achieved. 

Both in life and in business, Christmas is a time where we look back on the year which has just passed and start making plans for the year ahead.

For entrepreneurs, their business is a reflection of who they are. And it is important that people who run businesses embrace that. The danger of looking at your business as a separate entity to yourself is that you will simply work harder on your business and completely neglect yourself.

Some people imagine this kind of self-sacrifice will lead to success but, actually, the opposite is true. When you neglect yourself, this will slowly start rubbing off on your business, damaging its performance and affecting the results in the market.

As a peak performance coach, I work with business leaders, using leadership and coaching skills to help them align themselves with the growth of their business. This means they can get to the point where their personal and business growth complement and support each other.

This festive season, lots of entrepreneurs and business leaders will be thinking of what Christmas wishes they want to make to ensure they reach their goals in 2023. Here are my suggestions of things to focus on which will benefit both your personal and business performance:

  1. Focus on yourself and not the world around you

Wish to be better rather than wishing for things to be different with the economy or the government. If you focus on what you want the Prime Minister or other people to do, this will never be within your control. You can’t change the world around you but you can make positive changes to your own life and focus on your personal development. One of my mentors, Jim Ron, used to say, “Work harder on yourself than on your job.” 

If you learn a new skill and work on yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually, you’ll be surprised by just how far your business can go.

  • Prioritise training your team

Training your team should be viewed as a priority rather than simply an expense. Supporting those who work with you and helping them with their own growth and development will have great benefits for your organisation. If you think training your team is expensive, wait for the bill the market and your clients will give you. Companies that work with me not only find their teams more motivated but they also find their purpose is in line with the mission of the business. A more coherent and motivated team is a great factor for growth. 

  • Fall in love with your customers

While it is important to be proud of your products or services, it is more important to fall in love with your customers than your own business. Focus on who your ideal clients are and how you can help them and meet their needs.

  • Wish to be known for value

If you wish to be known for anything this Christmas, wish to be known for the value you offer your customers and the extra mile you go to when you are working with them. We live in a highly competitive market so strive to be extraordinary and offer something that others don’t. Be the difference that makes the difference and you’ll find your business goes from strength to strength in 2023.