DEI at MSDUK Conference 2022

MSDUK Conference
MSDUK Conference 2022

DEI at MSDUK Conference 2022. At Maverick Paradox Media we were delighted to be asked by the Founder and CEO of MSDUK, and The Maverick Paradox Magazine Writer Maynak Shah, to cover their 16th year of diversity progression. They did this by hosting the biggest Supplier Diversity Conference and Awards in the UK.

The conference brought together over 80+ speakers, C-Suite executives, supplier diversity leaders, ethnic minority entrepreneurs, innovative start-up and policy makers. They came from across the world, sharing their experiences, insights and knowledge to inspire us all to keep making the difference.

Editor in Chief Judith Germain and The Maverick Paradox Magazine Journalist Michelle Raymond attended day 2 of this amazing 3 day conference and awards ceremony.

First of all, I recommend that anyone that is interested in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion attends this 3 day conference next year. It was extremely inspiring and the finalists for the Innovation Challenge were truly breath taking. You can meet the finalists here.

This was not a staid DEI conference!

In the morning day 2 of the conference began with part 1 of the Innovation Challenge Finals. Followed by Industry Insights (FMCG/Retail and Financial Services Economic Outlook) to take you fast forward and explain what the future holds in this industry and where the opportunities are for small, diverse businesses. The Leadership Commitment to Supplier Diversity as Centres of Excellence was also featured, as well as the local approach to supplier diversity across the UK.

MSDUK Conference 2022
Judith Germain unexpectedly meeting ex clients from City of London Corporation

The afternoon sessions began with Jaspreet Kaur who delivered an impactful Spoken Word piece and keynote. Listen to the Spoken Word below (and excuse us for the slight background noise).

Jaspreet Kaur – Spoken Word recorded at the MSDUK Conference 2022, and published with permission

Jaspreet is an award winning poet, writer and Tedx speaker. She is also author of Brown Girl Like Me: the essential guidebook and manifesto for South Asian Girls and Women.

Judith Germain meeting Jaspreet Kaur
Judith Germain meets Jaspreet Kaur award winning poet

DEI at MSDUK Conference 2022

After an inspiring welcome from BP’s Louise Kingham, Head of Country UK we were treated to an amusing, uplifting and informative 50 minute Fire Side Chat, on winning through obstacles with Janice Bryant Howroyd, Founder and CEO, AgileOne Group and Rondu Vincent, Director of Supplier Diversity, BMS. Listen to an excerpt below.

8 minute excerpt from Janice Bryant Howroyd and Rondu Vincent’s Fire Side Chat

The Fire Side Chat provided practical wisdom and insights to guide diverse suppliers to thrive and achieve successful outcomes through corporate partnerships. They also shared their personal success stories and obstacles.

Philippe Legrain Founder of Open Political Economy Network (OPEN) and Mayank Shah presented their pioneering Minority Businesses Matter in Europe report. We learnt that Ethnic Minority Led businesses contribute over 570 billion Euros to the European economy. They explained that ethnic minority entrepreneurs in Europe face many challenges, including discrimination, lack of contacts, contracts and capital.

We were delighted to witness Navjot Sawhney with The Washing Machine Project CIC win the Social Category Special Award. The Washing Machine Project was founded in 2019 and he has partnered up with some of the most prominent international non-governmental organisations such as United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Save The Children, Oxfam, Care International and Plan International.

Have a look at the inspiring and vital work his project does:

MSDUK is the UK’s leading non-profit membership organisation driving inclusive procurement. They promote the ethos of diversity and inclusion in public and private sector supply chains by identifying and introducing innovative and entrepreneurial ethnic minority owned businesses (EMBs).

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