Happy 5th Podcastary!


Happy 5th Podcastary! Maverick Paradox Media defines and explores the paradox of Maverick Leadership. It shares the lessons from lateral thinking and Maverick Leaders for its audiences, whether they are listening to the podcast or reading The Maverick Paradox Magazine.

The Maverick Paradox Podcast

Our podcast is currently ranked in the top 2.5% most popular global podcasts and ranked #10 best UK Leadership podcast to follow in 2022. It is currently listened to in 154 countries, with the top 5 downloads coming from:

  • UK
  • US
  • Ireland
  • Brazil
  • Trinidad and Tobago

The Maverick Paradox Podcast is a twice weekly show where its host, Judith Germain, has lively conversations with experts in their fields. The podcast explores what makes a Maverick Leader and the lessons that can be derived from lateral thinking. The podcast caters for the pathologically curious whether they are an entrepreneur or a leader within an organisation.


I love that Judith is in absolute alignment with what she’s talking about as a maverick. willing to ask tough questions and even disagree with her guests sometimes is powerful. Great podcast”

RobRox69 via Apple Podcasts

Happy 5th Podcastary!

To date there has been 269 episodes with great guests, from all walks of life. There have been millionaires, entrepreneurs, ex military personnel, those that have worked in the White House, senior leaders in organisations, comedians, authors, thought leaders and many more. What they all have in common is that they will challenge you to think differently, will share with you real nuggets of information, and demonstrate that maverick (wilfully independent) thinking can make a real difference to your mindset and ability to be successful.

For just over a year The Maverick Paradox Podcast also shared Judith’s weekly shows from The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio. It was the most listened to show on the radio station KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio, and was dedicated to learning from Maverick Leaders. Unfortunately the Station Owner has decided to close the Station.

You can listen to those radio episodes here:

Judith creates clear thinking and decisive leaders, and hosts the popular The Maverick Paradox Podcast with this intention in mind.

Outstanding input for stand-out personalities

With this podcast, Judith inspires leaders to step into their aligned and unique qualities! Absolutely fabulous to talk to her as well as listen to her and let yourself be guided by her outstanding knowledge!”

PatriciaMariaL via Apple Podcasts

Shows have covered a number of topics that are useful for entrepreneurs, leaders from within organisations and pathologically curious. Whether that is sharing specific industry expertise like marketing, topics that improve mindset and human acceleration, explaining how Comedy Central was conceived and executed from the man who founded it, Art Bell.

The most downloaded show is episode 223. David Salinas speaks to Judith Germain about the lessons that he has learnt from being a serial entrepreneur. During the conversation they discuss the commonality of his businesses, and when to decide to move onto another business to buy and grow.

David speaks about the importance of knowing what are you good at and when to move onto another role within the company. For example he was the co-founder/CEO and is now the Chief Growth Officer for his first and main business. They also discuss what type of senior team is required to make serial entrepreneurism possible.

Judith draws the lessons from Maverick Leadership and demonstrates how it applies to David’s experience. You can listen to that episode below.

You can learn unexpected things such as what the White House looks for from its US military officers from Chief, Military Human Resources for the White House, Darrell Williams. Harris Rosen provides hope through education and shares why he is investing $millions in disadvantaged communities and how it makes a difference.

We are inspired by those that want to set us free from fear like Maxwell Ivey, who build impressive businesses like Simon Severino (3 CEO habits that leads to success), who make us consider maverick leadership in new ways such as when Judith Germain was interviewed by Tim Windsor on his Uncommodified Podcast. They discussed living and leading an unbranded and unbridled life.

Engaging, brilliant and insightful – highly recommended

Judith Germain is an engaging and insightful pfresenter and her interviews never fail to inspire me to think in different, and deeper ways, about habits that i have developed over many years”.

Phil Smith via Apple Podcasts

Of course this is The Maverick Paradox Podcast so expect to learn about Maverick Leadership directly from Judith Germain. This might be in the episodes where she speaks to the audience without a guest or in her questioning and discussive manner. We have also included some of the podcast episodes that she has been invited to guest on, therefore enabling our audience to find other great podcasts.

For example Judith Germain was recently interviewed by Scott Challinor from the Leaders Council and was asked a series of questions about leadership and the role it has played in her career to date. Judith shared her views on leadership culture and the effect that it has on employees and customers. They also discuss what it was like to be a senior leader who was young, female, and a person of colour. Judith explains what makes a Maverick Leader and the language of a Senior Leader. You can listen below.

Happy 5th Podcastary!

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How do you prefer to listen to The Maverick Paradox Podcast? What topics would you like us to cover in the next year?