Happy Cotton Anniversary


Happy Cotton Anniversary – Maverick Paradox Magazine! Two years ago was the official launch of the Maverick Paradox Magazine, I can hardly believe it, time has flown by so quickly! The magazine was conceived late November 2019 and launched 2 months before the pandemic hit! Which was excellent timing as it was up and running when people needed it the most and it wasn’t a knee jerk response to the pandemic, it was a response to setting the strategic direction a few months before!

This year the Maverick Paradox Magazine has been ranked as number 96 of the 100 Best Leadership blogs to follow in 2022, out of thousands of global leadership blogs on the web! Amazing! I never thought that would happen! It’s a testament to all the writers that have shared their expertise and the readers that have enjoyed reading their work.

My original goal with the magazine was simple, I wanted to bring together a Swagger [1] of Socialised Mavericks, who could provoke Maverick Leadership in all that ventured to read the magazine. It’s aim was to satisfy the curiosity of the pathologically curious! And surround me with new ideas to challenge my previously held assumptions and enable me to grow by thinking differently and being surrounded by the thoughts of other Socialised Mavericks or Maverick Behviourists.

The Maverick Paradox Magazine

The magazine had an unexpected side effect during the first few months of the pandemic. Whilst it provided the readers with new perspectives and challenging ideas, it enabled the writers to share their thoughts and ideas to a new audience.

It enabled us, the writers, to take risks and to share what we were really thinking to the world at large. It kept me active during those uncertain months, when the world stood still, not sure which way to turn. I was able to try out new concepts and also have some fun with my writing.

For example, during that first year, I wrote: Starfleet is the first Maverick Organisation! Which allowed me to indulge my love of Star Trek, it was, however, a ‘serious’ article outlining the 6 attributes of Mavericks and how they related to leadership. I just used the different Star Trek franchises (complete with clips) as examples! That was a lot of fun as well as having the side effect of showing the versatility of Maverick Leadership to the readers.

That being said, there has been plenty of thought provoking and challenging articles over the last two years; and as the Editor and Founder of The Maverick Paradox Magazine, I can honestly say that I’m extremely proud of our writers.

The standard is high and the diversity of thought and challenge is stimulating and challenging. There has been 71 writers over the last two years and of that number 10 are on the current Writing Team. I hope to have more guest writers join the Writing Team over the coming year.

A selection of the writers

The video show a selection of the writers, and here are the current team of writers and guest writers. Do check out their writing and discover who they are.

Thank you guys, my Swagger of Socialised Mavericks. Happy Cotton Anniversary.

The magazine is truly international, not just with the writers, the readers are from many countries as well.

The most read articles in the last year were:

The most read article of all time is:

How do you read the magazine?

It’s not such a daft question, as there are many ways to read the magazine. For example I know many people like to read the individual articles when they are published on the Maverick Paradox Media LinkedIn Page. You can access that here.

Others prefer to read the articles when they are distributed across social media.

Perhaps the best way to read the magazine is actually via the magazine’s home page as the content is dynamic and you can browse the many sections and get a better feel for how Maverick Leadership can be within everything. Like most magazine’s, it’s great to pick up and browse the many sections. There are over 500 articles from over 70 writers – so there’s lots to choose from.

The magazine explores many things whether that’s:

  • Featured articles
  • Maverick thoughts
  • Maverick creativity
  • Maverick editorial
  • Latest podcasts
  • Maverick self-development
  • Maverick law and freedom
  • Maverick resilience
  • Maverick coaching
  • Maverick DRIVEN Leadership
  • Random posts from the past
  • Random podcasts from the past

And that’s just a sampling of the front page! Returning to the magazine will always return new content. Designed for the pathologically curious!

Happy Cotton Anniversary – Maverick Paradox Magazine – Here’s to the many years ahead … thanks for reading and supporting us.


[1] A Swagger is defined by Judith Germain as the Collective Noun for Socialised Mavericks.

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