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Having a conscious connection

What does it mean to have a conscious connection in today’s society? How does that conscious connection play out in the workplace? 

A conscious connection is when you are aware of the relationships you have and the value  that relationship brings to your life. It is a relationship of value and of which you do not take for granted. The connection is so valuable that you do what you can to preserve and strength it.  

When we are in the workplace environment and we value each relationship from a conscious connection awareness, we are able to hold that value in such a high regard that the relationship is uplifted, regardless of situations or outcomes.

This daily consciousness is what drives leaders to check on their team members and see them in their highest form on days when they are doing well and on days when their performance is suffering. It is what changes a performance evaluation from a transactional paper process, to a transformational growth conversation that will yield results throughout a full performance management cycle.  It is the difference-maker when leaders are around a table, making critical decisions and choosing their words carefully to avoid an “us” versus “them”mentality and culture.  

Being able to select and step into a conscious connection will allow leaders to speak up during difficult conversations because they will have connections with people that go beyond the cordial greetings. This consciousness will move people to look around the table and ask the question, “who is missing from this table?”. The connection will be so strong that it will compel those who have a seat at the table to stand and let someone else sit and be heard.  

Did you know the mind takes in about two-million pieces of information per second? Most of that information we are unaware of because our brain deems it unnecessary. This is why we must shift our consciousness to be aware that connections matter, and tell our brains how we want connections to look, feel, and sound.  

What should connection look and feel like? It should feel like two or more people working to learn and grow together. To create a conscious connection, the awkward moments have to be called out and brought from the unconscious to the conscious. It is in the awkward moment where truth and real connection have an opportunity to take root.  

Finally, conscious connection sounds like voices as well as silence. Both are needed to create a conscious connection with someone. Yes, there is talking and sharing. However, sometimes there is nothing at all that needs to be said, for in the silence our words are expressed in ways beyond that which conventional language cannot describe. It is here that connection is solidified in the heart and mind.  

All of this is necessary to create a conscious connection that will allow workplaces and team members to thrive, heal and move forward together. It is necessary if we are to know and uncover the truth using all that we are as leaders. Our ability to see, feel, and hear is a great place to start creating connections for growth and healing.  

Lead on!  

Raushawna Price
Raushawna Pricehttps://www.raushawnaprice.com
Raushawna Price, the Giver of Awesomeness (TM), is fiercely focused on defining bullying behaviours to support growth and healing for all she encounters. Her systematic approach allows her clients to conduct deep explorations into their bullying situations and uncover hidden talents, increased confidence and S.A.F.E.R behaviours to move forward. Her experiences as a Coach, Speaker, and Trainer has allowed her the opportunity to work with leaders in various organizations such as Shaw University, General Mills, Inc., Rolls- Royce, Renaissance West Community Initiative, World Overcomers Christian Church, Prince Chapel A.M.E. Church, Education Pioneers: Emerging Human Capital Leaders Initiative, and more. She has also been a featured speaker with OneWoman Fearless Women's Summit and Academy. She is a certified coach, international speaker, and author of the book, "Be a Giver of Awesomeness".

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