Hold on tightly in these confusing times  


Hold on tightly in these confusing times. It might feel a little calmer and less controlled as we emerge from pandemic to endemic but there is further unsettledness, disruption, confusion and a feeling of discombobulation.  

How can you support yourself and your teams through yet another change that feels outside of your control? You are feeling tired and “done with it”. You were told at the beginning of the pandemic that:

  • it was important to create boundaries and have structure in your life so that you did not merge work with life unhealthily
  • It was great for your wellbeing to no longer have commute time 
  • relationship building can happen with the aid of technology 

You have settled into your new comfort zone and now you are being asked to step into your stretch zone.  More disruption. And, now you are to:

  • create new boundaries and continue to be your best
  • spend time commuting yet continue to perform optimally
  • collaborate effectively face to face and virtually 

I am not at all surprised if you are finding this unsettling and unclear on how to drive yourself forward without the feeling of “loosing it” once again.  

For what purpose? 

If this time has taught us anything, it is the ability to find a way to be at our best whilst looking after our wellbeing and finding a way to effortlessly balance life and work. 

What your employer needs or wants of you or what you now know is best for you to optimally perform are at conflict with each other.

How do you hold onto what you value most?  


Time that supports you in fuelling you and not draining you. Time that is spent wisely and not wasted. Time that helps you stay focused on your future goals. Time that motivates you and makes you feel energised each day.

How do you hold onto that optimal zone where you feel like you flow each day?

Have the courage to stand up for yourself and voice what you value. Voice the things that are important in your day to make you deliver your best for you and for the people around you.

Control the controllables they say.  

Well, that controllable is you and your mindset!

Do not get derailed by others’ expectations of you. You get to choose to respond to the expectations and requirements of you as we move the state of the pandemic to that of endemic.

I love this quote from Dwayne Johnson, “Don’t work 8 hours for a company and then go home and not work on your own goals. You are not tired. You are uninspired.”

So, find the thing that makes your heart sing and make it happen!

Hold on tightly to your goals and your future focus! 

3 key areas to focus on to enable you to have focus during this next change.

  • Mindset 
  • Motivation 
  • Resilience 

Create an optimistically focused and present mindset. Stay future focused with a positive view and tap into the “present” moment to reduce overwhelm and retain clarity and focus.

Motivation is your driver in life. Motivation comes from knowing your purpose and will be your fuel to see you through the rough patches. Find your intrinsic driver.

Resilience is the nugget to enable you to adapt as the road ahead throws in the curve balls. Learn how to build your resilience so that you can emerge stronger and retain that inner self-esteem and not be overpowered by other’s views and expectations.

Now is the time to take hold of your own future and stop being a passenger on someone else’s bus. Treat your given time with respect and use it effectively to enable you to emerge from the endemic your very best self.