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How Creative Thinking Drives Mavericks

Maverick Up a New future – How Creative Thinking Drives Mavericks. What did Einstein say? ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them!’

He may as well have been observing today’s world. And yet look at the words we use to describe people who do just that: think differently:

            Maverick: Can’t really be trusted, breaks the rules. Oh yes, and gets things done … in their own way!

            Creative: Weirdo! Probably slightly mad, can’t be trusted!

The system we live under was born in the Industrial age when we really needed humans to behave like robots and machines. But we are now in the Information age where we have machines and robots that can be more precise and faultless than a human could ever dream of being … the problem has been solved.

But what do we do with the humans? Right now, we are holding ourselves to the same old standard … we are still thinking in the same way … we need to break free and redefine our role in our world.

Many people fear the onset of AI and a machine dominated world. History, however, shows that when technology replaces jobs, it also creates better, higher skilled jobs in its wake.

The best example of this is Automatic Teller Machines (ATM’s). When they were first introduced, they led to branches being closed and tellers being let go.

But not all banking is everyday and algorithmic. Now, tellers are highly educated and specialist workers and branches are slowly booking again … and this is the pattern that can be detected all the way down through inventions of machinery … the humans still need to maintain the machines and fill in the gaps that their highly focused programming leave.

BUT we are not educated, managed, trained or socialised to be any other way. As a result, a lot of people simply do not have the capacity for seeing the world differently … it surrounds them and is all they know.

How Creative Thinking Drives Mavericks

This is why Judith Germain and I started a video series called the Mavericks Of Mass Creation. Judith is the expert on Maverick Leadership, and I am a creativity activator. We made the 12-part conversational series to share insights, tools and advice about how to navigate this changing world and to utilise the innate human trait that computers may never reach, no matter how much we programme them: Creativity.

Mavericks tend to blaze trails, but not everyone is able to understand what they do or how. This series demystifies the maverick way and sheds light on the creative process that lies behind it … The intention is to encourage more people to embrace a Maverick mindset and set out to change the world.

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But whatever you do, don’t keep on doing the same stuff in the same way and expecting different results. You know what Einstein would say … You must be crazy!

David Chislett
David Chisletthttps://davidchislett.com
David Chislett is a speaker, trainer and writer who has been working in the creative fields since 1994. He aims to change the world by helping people and organisations tap into their inherent capacity for creativity. David believes that Creativity holds the answers to many of the social and economic ills of our world and hopes to help more people discover their own options and choices by accessing their ability to create them. David is also a working poet and publishes work regularly on https://www.patreon.com/davidchislett. To learn more about his training and speaking offerings, head over to https://davidchislett.com

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