How To Be A Successful Parentpreneur


How To Be A Successful Parentpreneur. Balancing the demands of parenthood and entrepreneurship is no easy feat, and childcare can be a huge concern for working parents everywhere. Fortunately, in 2023 free childcare in England was expanded to cover all children under five by September 2025 so that 60,000 more parents could enter the workforce. Extended support for energy bills and a continued 5p cut to fuel duty on petrol and diesel were provided as well.

This positive development emphasises the need for parentpreneurs to maximise all of their resources if they wish to effectively juggle the responsibilities of both parenting and running a business. In this article, we will delve into four crucial tips for those aspiring to be successful entrepreneurs and parents at the same time.

Understand basic human needs

According to psychologist Steven Reiss, parentpreneurs need to go beyond the surface and delve into the realm of understanding basic human needs, such as power or independence. This extends not only to their own needs but also to those of their employees.

By identifying and acknowledging the pronounced needs of their team members, such as a strong need for social contacts or a drive for saving, parentpreneurs can tailor their delegation of tasks more effectively. For instance, individuals with a social need may excel at negotiations, while those with a saving need may thrive in projects with higher stakes. This nuanced understanding fosters a work environment that minimises burnout and enhances productivity within a smaller team.

Invest in an accountant

While outsourcing help for functions like marketing or sales might be more common, investing in a skilled accountant is indispensable for small businesses seeking the fastest route to financial stability. This becomes especially pertinent for parentpreneurs who find themselves juggling business investments and personal financial goals.

Beyond revenue generation, there are also intricate payroll structures or additional tax considerations related to family benefits or childcare expenses for parentpreneurs to navigate. A proficient accounting and finance consultant can offer invaluable advice on deductions, credits, and compliance issues while ensuring accurate and compliant payroll processing, minimising the risk of legal and financial complications. They also bring a keen eye for detail and financial acumen, assisting in the development of realistic and effective budgets that can make or break the limited capital of parentpreneurs.

Prioritise mental health

According to a 2023 report from Mental Health UK, four in five small business owners report experiencing common symptoms of poor mental health. More than a fifth of these individuals state that they often shut off and disengage from others when experiencing mental health issues.

The consequences of such disengagement can be detrimental both personally to your health and professionally in an intimate market. Therefore, accessing mental health support and professional help and utilising practical tools is crucial for maintaining well-being. This means that prioritising mental health is not just an ethical consideration — it is a strategic investment in one’s success in the tumultuous world of entrepreneurship.

Learn to prioritise

Successful parentpreneurs have to be adept at the art of prioritisation. Mother-of-two Marjorie Radlo-Zandi, who is currently an angel investor after leading a company in startup mode, says to start by acknowledging that perfection may not always be achievable.

Prioritising things like tucking your kids in bed before going back to work or taking short breaks to have lunch with the family is a fundamental strategy for a successful work-life. This involves delegating tasks both at work and home, practising efficiency, and managing conflicts with grace. Recognising what can and cannot be changed and avoiding dwelling on the latter allows parentpreneurs to navigate challenges with resilience and a focus on long-term success.

As the landscape evolves, parentpreneurs have valuable resources at their disposal. By embracing these tips, individuals can navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship while maintaining a healthy work-life balance as parents.

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