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Humans the Missing Link?

Humans the Missing Link? Between Strategy and Action? Simply put, when the humans in your business are uninspired, unengaged and unwell whether it be mentally or physically it doesn’t matter how much excellent strategy you have there will be no action, this is why the human element is the missing link between strategy and action.

I have been in business over 20 years and my mission is making sure the future generations are taken care of by detoxifying the present.

I understand that we have the strategy to make the global shift we need to collectively solve our climate change issue but the missing link between amazing innovation, designs and strategy is the lack of ‘Action’ by the Human element. Yes, that’s us!

Businesses can be the change we want to see but as businesses are run by imperfect humans who are often overworked, dealing with ill health and run by subconscious and conscious programming we have a disconnect between what we are capable of being and what we are showing up as.

This is where I focus my work, I heal the ‘human’ in the business so that the innovation and global changing strategy can be fueled by Action. 

We have been running an outdated model of business that has stripped the resources from its people and planet. We must start by caring for the human in the business because the business is run by humans, the strategy is created by humans therefore if we do not care for the human in the business we have no business.

The best place to start any journey is to first Learn where you are, how you got there, what you like about what you do as a business, what you don’t like, what do you aspire to as a business and what are you doing towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)?

How is the health of your business, by this I mean the humans in your business, without a healthy happy workforce you will get absenteeism, presenteeism and recruitment issues.

This journey needs to be taken with your whole company and you can do this by sharing questionnaires, having team away days, small group meetings, fun interactive workshops by visiting experts and by using an SDG Assessment tool. How you do this will depend on the size of your company.

The power is in Learning from the WHOLE company, via the diverse voices of all departments. If this step is missed you will plot a path to an unknown destination or even worse to right back where you started having spent lots of money and time getting there!

Once you gather the knowledge from your learning you will know what is not working, what is working, what you want the business to achieve and how sustainable your business is. 

We can no longer build business devoid of sustainable strategy as our planet is indeed in trouble as we have all experienced; COVID is a Zoonotic disease that has been caused by the degradation of our planet’s natural resources so it is time for business to be smart if we want to have a business in the future.

Only from a place of knowledge can you Develop a plan for success, don’t be keen to rush this process as this is really where you translate your learning’s into a clear roadmap.

Develop a fazed plan that can be implemented in stages, each stage building on the other’s success, concentrate on the health & wellbeing of the ‘humans’ in your business and you will see great action and engagement. 

The fun bit starts when you start to Implement the plan you have developed for change, keep on track by referring to your plan at each stage and also continuing to Learn from the ‘humans’ in your business how your plan is translating when it is real-time live in your business. At this point, it is a good idea to bring in an expert coach who can facilitate a fun feedback workshop creating a non-judgmental space for all attendees to express through workshopping what is working and what is not. Engaging your workforce in this way will make sure you can get objective feedback.

This gives you a chance to Optimise your plan as you go along enabling you to build a full-proof engaging and sustainable strategy for your business.

To Sustain the moment and engagement you must celebrate your wins!!! Every time you complete a section of your plan, celebrate, get together (virtually just now) and celebrate to inspire humans to take action. You need them as we have mentioned to be healthy & Happy and celebrated for their achievements that will inspire ownership and engagement and ultimately ACTION!! 

Humans the Missing Link? Between Strategy and action?

Each time you want to create change and impact in your business just follow the 5 steps I have shared:

  • Learn
  • Develop
  • Implement
  • Optimise
  • Sustain

This will ensure your success and always remember that when the human element of your business is well, healed and inspired you will have massive sustained action.

Sian Young
Sian Young
Sian Young is Founder of © Sustainable Success Coach | CEO of © The Centre for Sustainable Action | UN and TEDxWomen International Speaker | Multi-Award-Winning Published Author | co-creator of SDG - Assessment tool for SMEs | SheEO Activator | Guest Writer for Entrepreneur.com and Authority magazine A health coach helping over 5000 women transform their wellbeing combining her expertise and experience after 20 years in business and thriving through 7 years homeless and 2 years bedridden. Sian created a proven formula for Sustainable Health & Wellbeing and she concentrates on human health and toxicity in our environment and its link to inaction in sustainability.

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