Intuitive Ways to Keep Clients


Intuitive Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back. There are many moving parts that go along with owning a small or medium-sized business. While some things can get pushed to the wayside occasionally, others must be tended to constantly. Among those that require your attention all the time are your customers. Whether you are a small brick-and-mortar business or a manufacturing firm that never sees the public, your customers are your backbone. The Maverick Paradox Magazine presents four ways to keep them happy so that the purchases or purchase orders keep rolling in.

Evaluate and Refine Your Skills

One of the most impactful things you can do as a business owner is to focus on yourself. If your marketing, management, or leadership skills are not enough to keep up with your growing business, now might be a great time to enroll in an MBA program. Or, if you want to focus on your soft skills, look up guides to help you improve things such as business communication, an important trait that requires a bit more finesse than you may realise.

If you are comfortable with your foundational skills, look into outsourcing certain tasks like marketing so you can focus on running the show. Marketing agencies can help you increase revenue with digital marketing by focusing on things like UIUX, web design, and branding. Leave these types of tasks with the professionals while you refine your skills elsewhere.

Or, with a little online research, you can attempt to manage your own marketing. There are plenty of low cost or free user-friendly tools online to help you create your own logo, banner, Instagram story, and more! If you find yourself stuck on a particular task, simply look online. For example, uploading a PDF to Facebook might be a little tricky and you might become frustrated trying to do it on your own. Fortunately, a quick online search will help you to learn how to switch into Business Mode, add a Menu, and upload your file.

Lay the Groundwork

You’ll also need to lay the groundwork for success. Even with education and perhaps ongoing coaching from a business consultant, having an industry-specific business plan in place will keep you on track. Another thing to do at this stage is to invest in software and other technology that helps your business keep up with the competition.

You’ll also need to take care of legal matters up front, including registering your business with the proper authorities. Many entrepreneurs opt for running their ventures as limited liability companies (LLCs) because of the tax advantages over, say, a corporation, as well as the protection of personal assets. Check into what it takes to form an LLC and use an online formation service like ZenBusiness to help walk you through the process.

Invest in Ongoing Relationships

Many small business owners make the fatal mistake of believing that their work is done once they’ve acquired a customer. This could not be further from the truth — it is in your ongoing relationships where you will make the most money. Plan to reward your loyal customers for their patronage. UK-based Marketing Donut offers several suggestions, including discounts for high-spending clients and special previews so that your best customers have an opportunity to buy before the general public.

Always Deliver

Last, and arguably most important, is that you always deliver. This means that you provide your customers and clients with a consistent product and service, even after you’ve made the sale. They should never have to question quality or turnaround time. If you routinely ship, you’ll also want to partner with a logistics company that can get your packages out the door and into their destination on time.

There are many moving parts that go into your business, but your customers are the one aspect that you just can’t choose to ignore. Everything you do, from going back to school to offering discounts for big spenders and strategically investing in particular tools, will help you keep them happy. And a happy customer is one who comes back. 

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