Is DEI a barrier to work?

Creating clear thinking decisive leaders

Is DEI a barrier to work? Or maybe an opportunity? Diversity, equity and inclusion is perhaps more important now than ever before in the workplace. We are working in a world where societal norms are not only shifting but are being established in ways that we would never have predicted.

Organisations that stand still and ignore the tides of change will not thrive. Even if they are on the right side of legislation. Late Millennials and Generation Z are expecting to see their workplaces indicative of the local population, conducive to bringing their whole selves to work and places were they feel they belong.

This can mean challenging the established culture of the organisation, enabling change to occur, and balancing the needs of all stakeholders. But what many organisations don’t consider is that there is a direct pathway from the personal leadership culture of the individual to the customers’ reality and therefore the viability of the organisation.

Path from leadership culture to customer reality – © Judith Germain 2022

Companies that believe they have a ‘problem’ with diversity and inclusion, can make a difference by amplifying their leadership capability and execution. Organisations that spend the time to develop the right leadership culture end up providing an excellent customer centric experience.

Clear thinking and decisive leaders

Clear thinking and decisive leaders are aligned, thriving and prepared for the future. Maverick Leadership is adaptive, consistent and personalised to the individual before you.

Creating clear thinking decisive leaders

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Judith Germain

Is DEI a barrier to work?

The simple answer is that it shouldn’t be, research shows that diverse teams are smarter teams. DEI should be seen as an opportunity to ensure you cultivate the right leadership culture for the success of your business and the psychological safety of your employees.

When your employees feel like they belong, you improve their engagement, reduce the likelihood of mental health issues, induced by work, and burnout. You also increase innovation and spark creativity as well as improving the connection with your customers.

Diversity events this month

MSDUK Conference

MSDUK Conference 2022

Maverick Paradox Media covered the MSDUK Conference which was celebrating the 16th year of diversity progression. With inspiring finalists and excellent speakers, they hosted the biggest Supplier Diversity Conference and Awards in UK.

Winners were:

  • Established corporate Supplier Diversity Programme – CBRE
  • Emerging Corporate Supplier Diversity Programme – META
  • Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year – Krystle Sands, META
  • High Growth Business of the year Xalient
  • Entrepreneur of the yea – Sherry Vaswani, Xalient
  • Business Woman of the year – Julianne Ponan, Creative Nature
  • Global Supplier Diversity Advocate of the Year – Nedra Dickson, Accenture
  • Winner of he innovation Challenge – Sheana Yu, Aergo Health
HDRUK - Telling your story

HDR UK – Black Internship Mentorship Programme

HDR UK is the UK’s national institute for health data science. They have chosen to help transform the prospect of talented Black data scientists in the UK, by providing opportunities to flourish in STEM careers through their health health data research Black Internship Programme.

I spoke at their closing ceremony on how to create the right strategy to land the job you want.

Is DEI a barrier to work?

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion: Opportunities or Barriers?

I will be speaking with Rikki Arundel and Dr Danielle Farrel on 20 September at 12pm (Zoom) on whether DEI is an opportunity or barrier.

In the webinar you will discover innovative ways to level the playing field and remove unconscious bias.

• Have time and a safe space to share thoughts and ideas in a Chatham rules environment

• Take away practical tips

• Identify what you need to do next to create YOUR powerful DEI agenda

I will be talking about Race & belongingness – intersectionality of things.

Creating clear thinking and decisive leaders