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A little bit ABOUT ME

MEET THE Mindful Maverick - Judith Germain

Hi and welcome to my magazine! I hope you like it. I have collected a number of Socialised and Socialising Mavericks to share their insights on the world.

You can read my articles here

We are here to satisfy your pathological curiosity and to provoke maverick leadership everywhere!

My (non-work) bio

I'm a Socialised Maverick who looks at the world with avid curiosity. My intention is to equip Maverick Leaders to change the world we work in, wherever I go. I enjoy being around challenging things and learning something new. This is one of the reasons why I decided to host The Maverick Paradox Podcast and edit this magazine.

I write books and articles about the things that I'm passionate about (mavericks and leadership). Like a lot of Socialised Mavericks, I laugh a lot and find many things amusing.

A public speaker, wilfully independent, and passionate about provoking maverick leadership everywhere I go.

(Learn all about mavericks here: MaverickParadox.com and mavericks at work here: MaverickParadox.co.uk).

Life is fun, let's go out and enjoy it.

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