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Books by Judith Germain

I have always been interested in maverick leadership, and why some mavericks are successful and others struggle. This book has been called the blueprint for successful leadership. Head over to Amazon and find out why.

The Maverick Paradox Book

The Maverick Paradox

The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders

Average Customer Review - 5 Stars

"I've rescued a number of "mission critical" change programmes across a number of financial institutions. And yes, the label "Wilfully Independent" resonates.

But here's the thing. ALL the teams I've had to build (and build fast) have had to be as well ... whether they wanted to or not.

We've had to become a team of mavericks, working both together and apart in our individual projects ... doing what it takes to get the job done, driving over obstacles and resistance, for the good of the organisation as a whole.


and more importantly, how to tap into and replicate this maverick super-power within a team.

Love it.

As I read this book I thought, "Yes. This is me". And as she goes deeper ... I started taking notes.

A lot of good stuff to learn and use.

I am grateful for this book, as it both raises awareness of how we tick, but also the issues we face.

Like the MAVERICK PARADOX itself ...

when "People demand that mavericks change the world, and then hate them when they do".

(Well, not hate exactly, but I've experienced the "no longer needed" cold shoulder many times after a job well done - which can bruise and confuse if we, or our team, are not prepared for it ... and lock in the rewards, promotions, testimonials we have earned ... and the search for our next challenge.)

Thank You Judith"

Ian Moncrieff MacMillan

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