Leadership qualities of the PM

BBC Essex

Leadership qualities of the PM. Yesterday saw the announcement of the new Prime Minister for the UK, which garnered meaningful hope for the nation. Whenever there is a change of leadership, a new Prime Minster, a new boss, a new authority in your life, that change is often met with mixed emotions.

This can be particularly true if your last leader was especially good or bad. You will either be pining for what was or what is to come. I believe that all effective leaders must make the following 6 decisions, it is my hope that the new Prime Minister will make these decisions for the good of the country following the greater good principle.

Here are the 6 decisions:

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In was in this context that BBC Essex contacted me to be interviewed yesterday morning on the first segment after the news and travel. Sonia Watson explored with me what leadership as a concept really was and how Maverick Leadership is different. She also wanted to know what I believed was the most important leadership trait that an effective Prime Minister must have, right now.

Do take a listen to our conversation here:

Sonia Watson interviewing Judith Germain on BBC Essex