Maverick Leadership – what is it?


The concept of Maverick Leadership is pretty popular these days. Everyone seems to be talking about it or marketing themselves as the Maverick (insert title).

What can that mean? That there are large numbers of maverick experts? There are lots of managers in organisations who are either Maverick Leaders or who are indulging in Maverick Leadership?


Back in 2005 when I began talking about Maverick Leadership it was very different. I was (almost) a lone voice crying in the wind! I knew then, that if there was to be understanding about the maverick, there needed to be a definition, an interpretation that people could refer back to.

There wasn’t a definition available that really established the concept of The Maverick, so after much thought, study and research, in 2005 I came up with the following definition: A Maverick is a wilfully independent person. This definition seemed to fit regardless of the circumstances.

What about Maverick Leadership?

Maverick Leadership can only be understood, once you understand the maverick.

So, I guess, following that logic it can mean (almost) anything that you want it to mean.


No? Me neither!

An everyday aspiration

For me, everyone can aspire to master Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™. This isn’t just for Mavericks – even though Socialised Mavericks tend to manage in this way. When leaders are DRIVEN™ then they have the ability to balance the 6 components of Maverick DRIVEN Leadership™, maverick strategies, attributes, capabilities and utilisation of power. This is how leaders can make a difference to the organisation.

By following the methodology they will be doing more than developing those that they lead. They will be empowering others to become leaders in the hear and now – not just for some random time in the future.

Maverick DRIVEN Leaders™ are objective, ethical, and principled. They are also execution, success and output driven. They ensure that objectives are met and that their employees, not only have a clear strategic path to follow, they feel empowered to act autonomously.

Who wouldn’t want that?

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