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Mavericks head in the opposite direction

Why Mavericks head in the opposite direction of safety. I am a Maverick and chances are you are too! As a Maverick you are unique, you are bold, and you are here to change things up! And that, my fellow Mavericks, is not, and will never be, safe.

We are programmed to fit in, society does not celebrate those that colour outside the lines. Take a look at the schooling system, as a Maverick who did things differently to everyone else, how was that received? Not well is my guess, if you had the same experience as me.  

Luckily when we step into our Maverick energy as an adult, we soon learn to harness that uniqueness (freakiness?) to show up and challenge the status quo. We were not put on this earth to be safe – and that is why I think it is time to examine two tiny words that have become a world-wide catch-all phrase, let’s examine it and the role it is playing in our future. 

Stay Safe!

Has the world ever been a safe place?

Is safety desirable?

Is safety where all the good things are at?

Is staying safe the ultimate goal now?

These are the questions that are bursting forth in my brain right now, and the level of attachment to safety concerns me. Safety does not lead to success, safety does not lead to growth, safety is about constriction, playing safe, diverting risks, shrinking. The reason I am so alarmed by the world’s new catchphrase is that changing the world requires us to think outside the box, not operate within the parameters of safety.

Now I get what the phrase means and the good intent behind it, but letting this phrase seep into every area of our lives and especially our businesses is turning the entrepreneurial world on its head right now. Entrepreneurs are risk takers, starting a new business, or launching a new product is not safe, it is at the opposite end of safety, and that is why entrepreneurs that last, succeed, and make all the money are considered to be ‘off the wall crazy’.  Don’t believe me? Take a look at the big players, did Richard Branson play by the rules? Did Oprah listen when the world told her no one wanted to hear her talk?

Off the wall crazy entrepreneurs are here to change the world, but we don’t support or celebrate thinking outside the box these days, and in fact, the world has always tried to keep people safe.

The days of living off the land in groups, if you did anything ‘outside the norm’ you were banished, change was not safe. The days of life changing discoveries such as Michael Servetus, a Spanish doctor who discovered and wrote about the circulatory system and was punished as heretic, demonstrated that change was not safe. We are programmed to stay safe, to fit in, to tow the company line, or in this case, the sneaky message of safety that is pulling us into fear and away from the bravery that is required for change and success.

Stay safe? Do you realise that just by uttering the phrase you are telling your brain that you are not safe. No wonder so many people are overwhelmed! We kick-start our fight or flight response every 2 minutes! And why on earth is staying safe the goal? Is it safe where the good stuff is at? Is it safe where the growth and fun are? Would you not rather thrive than stay safe.  Let’s have the new catch phrase be “stay thriving”!

In all seriousness, what is your personal experience? Do good things come from safety? Surety? Contraction? Or do good things come from leaping without knowing it all? from the thrill of uncertainty? from the energy of expansion?

I don’t want to be safe! I want to grow, I want to leap, I want to try new things, I want to up-level always and consistently. I want to go where the wild things are.

What about you?

Staying safe has become such a vibe, it has become our default, so how can you recognise if you are playing safe instead of playing big?

How will you know when you are playing it safe? You will be feeling triggered …

You will see others leaping without knowing, you will see others taking bold action before they are ready, you will see others claiming their space before they have any right too, and you will feel triggered beyond belief. You might feel unsafe, you might feel threatened, you might feel left behind, you might feel like others are being irresponsible, and you will without a doubt not be feeling in flow, you will feel stuck and small.

We have already established that growth and change do not come from playing small. So my question for you today is, how can you play bigger? Where can you take risks that feel bold and aligned?

Michelle Clarke
Michelle Clarkehttps://empowermentempires.com/
Michelle Clarke is an energy maverick here to change the world. She’s obsessed with helping soul-led entrepreneurs to achieve transformational success by up-leveling their energy, mindset, and habits and helping them step into their power and speak to their authentic message. She encourages soulpreneurs to be unapologetically brave AF, tap back into their inner knowing and unleash their magic so they can become magnetic to their soulmate clients and bring their purpose into the world - because the world needs what they have!

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