Mindset for millions – make money move


Mindset for millions – make money move. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Dr Darnyelle Jervey Harmon about mindset and manifesting financial abundance.

Key Takeaways

  • Mindset is critical – it makes up 90-95% of manifesting financial abundance. The rest is skill/action.
  • We must challenge limiting beliefs about money we internalised in childhood.
  • Affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind. Say them first thing in morning and before bed.
  • Staying in a state of abundance keeps you vibrating at a level where abundance can enter.
  • Take inspired action – God/Universe blesses effort. Faith without works is dead.


Dr. Darnyelle’s Background

  • Award-winning CEO, focuses on helping entrepreneurs make over $1M/year
  • Passionate about shifting mindsets around money and self-worth
  • Had limiting beliefs about money until an “aha” moment in her 30s

The Importance of Mindset

  • We manifest what we believe we’re worthy of. Money flows away from scarcity mindsets.
  • Most limiting beliefs around money come from childhood.
  • To change our reality, we must “trick” our subconscious with new beliefs.

Using Affirmations

  • Affirmations reprogram your subconscious mind.
  • Say affirmations first thing in morning and before bed.
  • Use positive, present-tense statements. Focus on feeling gratitude.
  • Repeat daily until new beliefs become natural.

Staying in Abundance

  • When you stay in a state of abundance, you attract more of it.
  • Take time throughout the day to breathe, give thanks, and repeat abundance affirmations.
  • Ask yourself “What would abundance do?” Let it guide your thoughts and actions.

Inspired Action

  • You must act for God/Universe to bless you. “Faith without works is dead.”
  • It’s not just prayer or work alone. It’s alignment + action.
  • Principles for manifesting are universal. Anyone can use them.

In this conversation Darnyelle shares her excitement for life, money, and empowering women entrepreneurs. She believes having the right mindset is key to achieving millions through one’s business. Danielle clarified that while mindset is paramount, one must still take inspired action for manifestation. Faith and works synergise when seeking from a place of empowerment within God’s principles.

Maverick leadership is all about thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. It’s about having the courage to take risks and the confidence to lead in a way that is authentic and genuine.

But amplifying your influence as a leader isn’t just about having a strong vision or a big personality. It’s also about having the right leadership capability and being able to execute on your ideas and plans.

The consequences of not having the right level of influence as a leader can be significant. Without the ability to inspire and motivate others, you may struggle to achieve your goals and make a real impact.

How Influential Are you? Take the scorecard at amplifyyourinfluence.scoreapp.com and see. 

Darynelle Jervey Harmon can be found on LinkedIn here. Her website is here.

You can listen to Episode 406 on any of the popular podcast platforms or apps (including Spotify, and Audible). If you prefer to listen to your browser you can do that below. Enjoy!

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