One big circle jerk

Beautiful young couple with tablets is using social media

One big circle jerk. The world is wonderful and yet the world is boring. Most of us are on some sort of social media whether it be Tik Tok, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or LinkedIn. We have been sold the idea that it will connect us. Sold the idea that it will improve our knowledge base. Sold the idea that it will entertain us. Some of us are on there to show, others to watch and some of us are on there just to be on there.  

If you look at the employment world it’s a lot like social media. There are jobs that are there to sustain other jobs that sustain other jobs, which in turn sustain other jobs. We are told that work gives purpose and that it is a necessity in order to keep civilisation going and evolving. But is it really the truth? How much industries truly add value to civilisation? 

Reality is that we only need food, housing and our tribe. Everything else is just extra. How much things do you buy that you honestly really need? How much things do you buy because somewhere the thought was implanted in your mind that it “adds” to your happiness or fulfils the need of ‘relaxation’?  What is it that you need relaxation from?

Is it a world wherein it appears that we constantly HAVE to be learning? A world wherein we constantly HAVE to climb the corporate ladder? A world wherein we are consumers because we HAVE to keep up with others? A world wherein we share knowledge because we HAVE to show what we know? A world wherein we show what we know because if we don’t we can’t climb the social/corporate ladder? A world wherein we need the means that climbing the ladder provide us?

Notice how it can all come right back around. You studied and constantly upgraded your knowledge base until there is little in your field that you are unaware of. You then look into other topics, other industries because ‘You don’t know, what you don’t know”. You are looking to gain the gold nugget that will give you the feeling that it was worth it. And if you have consumed enough the world becomes boring. When you have earned enough the world becomes boring.  

So the hope is that you gain something new, just like you hope to find that new TikTok dance or comedian that might entertain you. The world is one big circle jerk. But the world is wonderful when you are meeting people, having genuine conversations, and going on fun adventures.