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Purpose and humanity

Purpose and humanity. One’s purpose is something many of us are busy with. Whether it be via studies, courses or religion purpose is a topic that keeps coming up. Knowing your purpose is said to give you direction and that enables you to excel and live a fulfilling life. But what is a fulfilling life? 

If you ask a 1000 people you will probably get a 1000 different answers. On one hand we say this shows the individuality and uniqueness of us as humans but on the other hand we can say that it shows a lack of purpose from us a species. If we would take a look at us as a species we could say that we do not serve a purpose within the eco-system of earth. Currently we  throw our natural habitat in disarray, we drive out or kill out our co-inhabitants. While all other species and plants have a healthy balance with each other we seem to be incapable of this. Is imbalance with our habitat reflective of an imbalance within ourselves?

Some would argue that the overall lack of purpose is a product of the system which we have created for ourselves. And that the key lies in finding your purpose within the system or even finding it despite the system. If you analyse the purposes that many have, they are a correction of the system we live in. In many cases they lie in ensuring loved ones are taken care of regardless of the system, taking care of those neglected by the system or taking care of our natural habitat. But have we put these systems in place in order to give ourselves a purpose? 

Our basic needs revolve around survival of ourselves and our loved ones. Which makes the 3 core purpose types very logical and natural. What we experience as purpose also changes with age. Different phases bring different purposes which ensure that we keep evolving and working towards a better future. These phases differ on a macro and micro level. But as we ensure on a micro level that we discover and realise our purpose, we also bring about change on a macro level. Think on the various civil rights activist, the various nature activist or inventors, their purpose started from a personal pain or problem and brought about solutions for a greater community. 

Does purpose always come from a pain point or lack of certain needs? Or are we taught to find purpose within these spectrums? Does purpose revolve around others or is that true purpose is real egotistical? And due to it being egotistical many do not dare that share these purpose in fear of ridicule? Many question to ponder and to which we will probably find our own answers.

That said the question that remains is: Have you found your purpose? And does it lie outside the here fore mentioned generalisations .

Josuel Rogers
Josuel Rogershttps://www.josuelrogers.com/
Josuël Rogers is a life & executive coach, speaker and podcast host. He is someone who values interpersonal-relationships and his passion lies in helping others become their best selves. As a personal and executive coach he uses his analytical skills and creativity to help others overcome their challenges. He has a love for the Hip Hop culture, and realising the lessons and mindset insights that the culture has to offer, he founded HipHop Culture Coaching where the world of coaching and the world of Hip Hop meet each other. HipHop Culture Coaching provides youth empowerment workshops and teambuilding sessions where the goal is better communication with others but also with yourself in order to maximize results.

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