Rebel Leaders and Maverick Leadership

Larry Robertson

Rebel Leaders and Maverick Leadership. Most people see Mavericks as rebels and of course they are rebels. However, not all rebels are Mavericks or even Maverick Leaders. There is much alignment between rebel leadership and maverick leadership, although there are some nuances. Regular readers of this magazine or Judith Germain’s book, The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders will spot the difference. Share below in the comments what you think they are!

In this show, guest Larry Robertson shares with Judith his own leadership journey and the lessons that he learnt as a Maverick Leader. They discuss the differences between Rebel and Maverick Leaders and how uncertainity is the new reality. They even toy with the meaning of life!

Larry Robertson on radio!

Larry Robertson is an innovation advisor and founder of Lighthouse Consulting, and internationally author of 3 award-winning books. He is a popular columnist for Inc. Magazine, The Creativity Post, CEO World Magazine, and SmartBrief on Leadership. Larry is also a contributor to Fast Company and Thrive Global; a Fulbright Scholar which isa rarity for non-academic professionals.

He joins Judith Germain on The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio this week to discuss rebel leadership. This is a fun and fascinating conversation between two like minded individuals.

Larry Robertson poses some insightful questions for Judith to answer, listen in and tell us what you think!

Rebel Leaders and Maverick Leadership

Listen to Larry on The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio at the following times this week:

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This fascinating conversation with Larry Robertson will be permanently available on The Maverick Paradox Podcast from 8 April 2022.


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