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Releasing the need to be anyone

Releasing the need to be anyone but who we truly are, is our most courageous quest yet. This quote features on the footer of my email. It is the sum of what I feel I was called here to do. To embark on this journey, this quest, this life adventure and remember truly who I am.

To become unencumbered by the stark reality that life is a myriad of chance encounters that crash in and around our gentle hearts. The deep inner knowing that our truth is often tethered by a range of external pressures, in a world destined to keep us locked in the void of overwhelm.

Releasing the need to be anyone …

It is this overwhelm that binds us to the disharmony and disconnection of our soul, to the confusion and exhaustion of ‘not enoughness’. And yet this overwhelm is merely a cloak of security to wear so as to avoid the journey to the TRUE self.

A way to disguise our deepest fear, that maybe, just maybe, we don’t actually know who we are, just who we’ve learned to be?

The fear so achingly real, for it is here we must stand against all that has had us tethered. All of the lies, distortions and deceptions placed before us. All of the twists and turns of the journey thus far. 

We must stand against every belief, every action, every person and every event. We must stand against all of what we have come to believe as our truth and decode every fibre of it.

But even more courageously, we must accept all of who we are with unrelenting responsibility, even the elements we so desperately try to separate from. 

To deny the darkness is to stay trapped in the cycle of self-rejection, self-recrimination and self-denial, and yet this truth exists in all of us. We are but both light and dark. A collection of sacred gifts and hidden shadows.

The more you try to avoid, move away from or discard the truth of who you are the heavier the shackles. You remain anchored to past pain, caged by doubt and fear and caught in a never-ending cycle of self-loathing.

The quest to becoming (or allowing) your TRUEST self to actualize, when undertaken in earnest, is not in just becoming the BEST you can be but in accepting the WORST of who you are. 

The avoidance of this one truth is the basis of so much unnecessary suffering. To deny that you judge, hate, rage, blame, lie, deceive, ridicule, overexert, undermine or compromise your own integrity is indeed the highest form of detaching from your truth.

The TRUE SELF is but a compilation of all that is exceptional within our hearts and all that is disconcerting within our ego. The desire to connect all aspects of the splintered soul and be seen fully without fear encapsulates the greatest quest of this life journey. 

So tell me, how willing are you to accept all of the aspects of your TRUE self even those 

Andrea Powles-Gullick
Andrea Powles-Gullickhttp://www.soulfullivingwithandrea.com.au/
Andrea, a 41 year old mother of 3, first experienced trauma in 2003 when her first born was diagnosed with Cancer 48 hours after birth. Within 2 years of his recovery, she would lose her husband in a devestating car accident. Proving that life can still be what you make it, Andrea, now a qualified Life Coach, supports women at a cross-road in life to find the courage, clarity and confidence to transform their life.

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