Taking care of the essential nice people.


Taking care of the essential nice people. Across the globe most of the workers in essential job fields are underpaid. Teachers, nurses, sanitary workers, police, fire workers and the list goes on. Various jobs in which most of the ones practicing it, do that, due to the passion they have for helping their fellow human beings. The nice people under the professions. Jobs which lie at the foundation of our society. Does the way we treat these professions reflect on how we treat the essential elements of ourselves?

System, body and relationships

Essential jobs are the basis of our societal system. We usually tend to look at what the impact is to our economic system when it comes to determining monetary compensation for various professions. Professions such as teachers, nurses, etc don’t directly produce monetary gain which is why society tends to underpay them.

However they actually do lie at the foundation of the system as without them other professions would not exist or be fortified. Teachers lie at the basis of all knowledge gained, knowledge is then applied to other professions. Medical staff and sanitary workers ensure everyone is healthy and stays healthy. Health being key in being able to carry out professions. Police, emergency and fire workers ensure safety and security.

Those practicing essential jobs delay and avoid going on strike as much as possible, just as it is with our bodily functions. Difference is that people practicing these jobs tend to prioritise the greater system and thus don’t truly strike as a system. Where our body operates as a machine without emotions. The ones practicing essential professions do act with emotion. In most cases they chose the profession due the emotional connection they have with society.

Which is their gift and curse.

Our body strikes long enough to ensure we bring about a change. Those in essential jobs strike to get the attention but don’t keep striking until all demands are met. Simply because they want to keep system properly up and running as the well being of others is involved. Wellbeing that they intrinsically aim to maintain. This causes their strikes to simply feel as little aches instead of crippling pains. Which in turn causes society to treat them as such. Society provides a ‘pain killer’ such as a little bonus or a gesture of recognition. Instead of more proactive and permanent solutions.

So do nice people finish last?

Well that depends on what you consider last place. Finishing first or last refers to a competition element or possibility of personal gain. When a person is truly acting from the heart there is no desire of winning or gaining attached. Do they finish last? Definitely not!

People remember how you made them feel and the impact it had on them. And thus they will share this with others they interact with which in turn benefits you. Same applies when looking at our view of essential jobs. Most of us recognise the value they bring and praise them for it.

Often those practicing these job are satisfied with simply being recognised for their efforts and consistently receiving respect for their roles. On an individual basis they receive this from those they interact with. However we are failing with nurturing the collective and unless that changes, society is actually inevitably finishing last.

As eventually just like our body system, these essentials will also reach a point where enough is enough. When this point has been reached these nice people will still finish first. And if we look at it from what is essential to us, there is no denying taking care of your physical and mental wellbeing ensures you finish in first place so be nice to yourself