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The Unfair Comparison?

The Unfair Comparison? The Corporate Breakup vs The Personal Breakup. We need to stop allowing corporate to treat us any kind of way. Let...

Gaslighting toxicity in the workplace

Gaslighting toxicity in the workplace. This episode was recorded in May 2020. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to MaryAnn Kerr about gaslighting toxicity in...

A Garden Hack for the Boardroom

A Garden Hack for the Boardroom. After more than 25 years together, my husband and I have fallen into an obvious pattern regarding our...

The importance of questions

The importance of questions. How good are you at asking questions? Questions are the first step to gaining knowledge. It is the first thing...

The seeker of peace

The seeker of peace. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Aryeh Green about being a seeker of peace and the danger of living...
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