The distraction economy

Simon Chang

The distraction economy. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Simon Chan about the distraction economy. They discuss the 7 components of The Consistency Pill and how anyone can be consistent in anything. Simon explains that business owners need to recognise that not only are they their own boss, there are also their own employee. This is a great conversation on productivity and success which is applicable for all.

Consistency breeds success and trust from your employees or your customers.

Simon Chan is a Consistency Coach, speaker and author of the Amazon best seller, The Consistency Pill: The 7 Step System to Increase Sales and Transform Your Business.

He helps network marketers earn a part time income of at least $1,000 a month by getting them to be consistent, defeat overwhelm and build a successful business online.

Simon is best known as the host of MLM Nation Podcast, the #1 network marketing podcast that features in depth interviews with over 700 top income earners.

Listen up to the rest of the conversation, and discover why people are waiting for you to quit.

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