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We, at The Maverick Paradox takes the Pledge for Workplace Culture Change in the UK. The Explore Change Campaign Launches to Champion Workplace Culture Change in the UK. A new campaign, #ExploreChange, has been launched to promote workplace culture change in the UK. The campaign champions the idea that better business performance is achievable through the implementation of successful culture change and highlights this as the reason organisations need to adopt practices that support their employees’ wellbeing, professional development and sense of inclusion.

The #ExploreChange campaign is presented by the digital magazine HRZone, and supported by a network of business leaders, organisations and people professionals from across the UK. The campaign seeks to raise awareness of the benefits of organisational culture change and provide practical how-to guidance, and explore no-cost solutions for organisations to:

  • Increase employee productivity and engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism and turnover
  • Improved overall business performance

“We believe that every employee has the right to work in an inclusive environment that fosters their wellbeing and supports their personal growth. And those employees who feel healthy and happy in their work deliver better business performance.” said Becky Norman, Managing Editor at HRZone. “Through the #ExploreChange campaign, we hope to create a movement that encourages organisations to explore ways to help their employees thrive, and to adopt our suggested scalable, no-cost practices that promote a positive work culture.”

The campaign launch event, held on the 28th of March, was attended by The TCM Group, Culture Amp, and Pecan Partnership who are sponsoring the campaign, alongside participants from the accompanying Culture Pioneer Awards, now in its fourth year, who had the opportunity to network and celebrate with other professionals who share the campaign’s values.

The #ExploreChange campaign invites individuals and organisations of all industries and sizes to join the movement and become advocates for workplace culture change in the UK. To learn more about the campaign, how to get involved, and get access to the supporting research visit


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