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The leader that communicates

The leader that communicates. Everyone will profess to understand that all leaders need to communicate but what does that mean in practice? For many the trusim that something is only communicated if that communication is understood, seems at odds when we see so many leaders communicating by broadcasting their opinions, messages and orders.

This can seriously affect an employee’s feelings of belongingness to the organisation and locality to their manager or organisation. It is hard to be engaged if you aren’t aligned to the mission and values of the organisation, especially if you believe that you are being communicated at rather than with.

Maverick Leaders see everyone as peers which means that when they are communicating they seek first to understand rather than being understood. Once they understand, they will seek to ensure that they are understood. For Jeannie Moravits Smith that means being an engaged listener.

In this radio show Jeannie really explains what this is, how you can ensure it happens and the benefit for your employees.

Jeannie Moravits Smith on radio!

Jeannie is the Chief Energy Officer and Founder of Dynamism. She creates breakthrough experiences from the inside out, allowing her clients to create an extremely healthy relationship with themselves and others.

She joins Judith Germain on The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio this week to discuss how key it is to be a leader that actually communicates rather than one that just talks!

Jeannie poses some insightful questions for Judith to answer, listen in and tell us what you think!

The leader that communicates

Listen to Jeannie on The Maverick Paradox @ KLDR Online Leadership Development Radio at the following times this week:

UK Show Times (GMT)

  • 12 Noon – Mon, Wed, Fri
  • 9 am – Thursday
  • 8 am – Saturday

US Show Times (CST)

  • 12 Noon – Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat
  • 10 am Wednesday
  • 9 pm – Monday
  • 7 pm – Tuesday, Thursday

This fascinating conversation with Jeannie will be permanently available on The Maverick Paradox Podcast from 26 November 2021.

Judith Germainhttps://www.maverickparadox.co.uk/
Judith Germain is the Founder of the Maverick Paradox and Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine and Host of the Maverick Paradox Podcast. She has been defining Mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005. She equips Maverick Leaders to change the world we work in, and improve their impact and influence. Maverick Leaders can be found running their own business or working within their own. Whilst not everyone has a Maverick personality, you can learn how to be an effective Maverick Leader. This is why Judith enjoys working with maverick leaders and helping organisations develop their leadership cadre. She believes that life is a wonderful game and maverick behaviour when harnessed has the power to change the world into a better place. She is the Author of The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders and the podcast host of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. Judith is a consultant, trainer, mentor, author and speaker. Click the contact us button to find out more.


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