The purpose of the comfort zone (podcast)

Anuj Desai

The purpose of the comfort zone. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Anuj Desai about the purpose of the comfort zone. She explains that mavericks are never comfortable with living in the comfort zone – which is why mavericks resist it with a passion.

Anuj was a lawyer in the entertainment business who felt that he needed to do something that was more fulfilling for him. Eventually he ended up running a business in the legal cannabis industry. 

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Judith Germain is the Founder of the Maverick Paradox and Editor of The Maverick Paradox Magazine and Host of the Maverick Paradox Podcast. She has been defining Mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005. She equips Maverick Leaders to change the world we work in, and improve their impact and influence. Maverick Leaders can be found running their own business or working within their own. Whilst not everyone has a Maverick personality, you can learn how to be an effective Maverick Leader. This is why Judith enjoys working with maverick leaders and helping organisations develop their leadership cadre. She believes that life is a wonderful game and maverick behaviour when harnessed has the power to change the world into a better place. She is the Author of The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders and the podcast host of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. Judith is a consultant, trainer, mentor, author and speaker. Click the contact us button to find out more.


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