The Single Seat Mindset


The Single Seat Mindset. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Dominic Teich about how to channel the inner lion of the fighter pilot. They talk about the difference between being arrogant and confident and sure of what they do.

They discuss how to leverage the ability to make a split second decision at 800 mph and how to give detailed debriefing whilst maintaining engagement with high performers. Judith explains that Maverick Leadership is an adaptive leadership style. They discuss different feedback frames, both agreeing that the ever popular ‘sandwich’ feedback system is terrible and not effective.

Dom ‘Slice’ Teich brings his fighter pilot background and applies them to guide goal-oriented individuals with techniques that American fighter pilots use to ensure mission success. High output individuals struggle with information overload, so he created the largest online group of fighter pilots to guide action takers in short, impactful steps.

Listen to the conversation and discover the best way to deliver difficult news and what the ‘container of trust’ is.

Dominic Teich can be found on LinkedIn here.

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