The weed strategy


The weed strategy. In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Stu Heinecke about the entrepreneurial mindset and business growth strategies. Humour reveals truths in unexpected ways and starts conversations. Cartoons, coffee spills and waiting butterflies disarmingly urge responses playfully instead of demands. Creativity works where crowds fail by interrupting patterns.

Key Takeaways

  • Stu has an unusual background as both a marketer and a cartoonist. He uses cartoons in marketing campaigns to get higher response rates.
  • Stu coined the term “contact marketing” – using audacious means to get meetings with high value people. He wrote books on this topic.
  • Stu had an epiphany seeing a dandelion growing tenaciously from concrete. This inspired his “weed strategy” for business growth.
  • Weeds exhibit mindsets like persistence, resilience, aggression, urgency, and collaboration that businesses can emulate.
  • To have the right growth mindset, make the choice to take action. Seek people already successful and learn from them.
  • To get meetings with anyone: gain insight into their needs, challenges; humanise yourself; send creative communications.
  • Stu uses printed direct mail (like cartoons and objects) to stand out and get responses when people don’t reply.


The “weed strategy”

  • Stu had an epiphany seeing a dandelion thriving in concrete. This inspired research into weeds’ growth strategies.
  • Weeds exhibit useful mindsets like persistence, resilience, aggression, urgency and collaboration.
  • Stu wrote a book on applying these “weed mindsets” to grow a business rapidly.
  • The weed strategy provides a model for scaling and growing anything.

Cultivating an effective entrepreneurial mindset

  • To have the right growth mindset, make the choice and take action rather than just wishing.
  • Seek out and learn from people who are already successful in your field.
  • Interact with and learn from the experience of successful people. This changes your outlook.

Strategies for getting meetings

  • Gain insight into the person’s needs, challenges and interests to create a relevant conversation.
  • Humanise yourself – send something creative that sparks curiosity about you.
  • Use unexpected, even audacious tactics to interrupt people’s patterns and stand out.
  • Leverage the disarming effects of humor and cartoons to deliver messages.

Standing out with print communications

  • Stu uses direct mail like printed cards, cartoons and objects to get responses from people not replying digitally.
  • Print stands out and interrupts patterns amidst crowded digital channels.
  • His printed cards with cartoons deliver messages in a novel, curious way.

Next Steps:

  • Connect with Stu on LinkedIn.
  • Try some of Stu’s audacious meeting strategies.
  • Read Stu’s books on the weed strategy and getting meetings.
  • Listen to more Maverick Paradox podcast episodes.

In this conversation Stu reminds us that we should engage targets with relevance and humanity. Know their challenges and interests to start useful discussions, not blind pitches. Stand out creatively to build curiosity and positive engagement when many seek meetings.

Stu Heinecke is Bestselling Author of How to grow your business like a weed and How to get a meeting with anyone.

Maverick leadership is all about thinking outside the box and challenging the status quo. It’s about having the courage to take risks and the confidence to lead in a way that is authentic and genuine.

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Stu Heinecke can be found on LinkedIn here. His website can be found here.

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