Top Featured Articles – 1st quarter. The Maverick Paradox Magazine was soft launched on 13 January 2020 and has already had more than 170 articles published. I thought that it might be interesting at this stage, to share the top 6 Featured articles (for Quarter 1, 2020) from The Maverick Paradox Magazine. In this time period there was 14 Featured articles out of 72 articles.

Before we look at the top 6 Featured articles – let’s highlight the top 3 articles in this quarter. They are:

  • 2020: The year of the maverick – written by Nick Day. Readership at time of writing: 312.
  • Trust is an open door – written by Joe Lawrence. Readership at time of writing: 259.
  • A Human-Techno Approach to Recruitment – written by Nick Day. Readership at time of writing: 232.

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Top Featured Articles – 1st quarter

Keeping the maverick nature alive
Picture is an original Curtis Tappenden, published with permission.

This interesting article was written by Curtis Tappenden and published on 10 March 2020. Curtis writes about how you can keep the maverick nature alive in students; who may struggle to avoid the conformity of formal education.

He also explains that educators may struggle to keep the maverick spirit alive under the weight of academic expectations.

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This article was written by Judith Germain who demonstrates her love of Star Trek by carefully assessing Captain Picard’s fragile Maverick Behaviourist’s nature. This article shows clearly that the principles of maverick leadership applies not just in the ‘corporate office’ but even on a fictional starship! Here’s an example from the article:

“The thing with Maverick Behaviourists, however, is that their personality is fragile. It doesn’t take long for Captain Picard (during the 7 seasons of The Next Generation) to revert back to a Conformist nature. With no one to encourage his maverick nature and no real environmental urgency, he doesn’t develop into what he could be”.

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This article was also written by Judith Germain on 4 February 2020 where she reflected on the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world that the NHS operates in. This is what she wrote at the time:

“What’s required to survive in an environment, which is extremely diverse and constantly changing, is agility and understanding exactly how you influence change. This means that employees, and their leaders, whether at the beginning of their career or nearing the end of it; need to be able to understand and navigate the impact that they can make in their roles and on each other”.

As the Maverick Change Maker, Judith and a colleague from The Change Maker Group designed and delivered a workshop on ‘Developing impact in the NHS’ as part of their activities for Apprentice Week.

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This article was written by Astrid Davies published on 4 March. Astrid shares how mavericks answer the ‘so what’ questions and how Maverick Executioners ask ‘is there a better way’. This what Astrid says in her own words:

“Executing a task is not a simple equation of stimulus triggering a response. Not with a Maverick around. Instead, it will involve a purposeful examination of why the stimulus is that particular stimulus. What really is the point the project is trying to reach? Does it really have to go through umpteen process hoops to arrive there … and is “there” really worth it anyway?”

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This article was written by Judith Germain to provide a brief explanation of what an Extreme Maverick is. This is what she says:

“An Extreme Maverick is much more than a toxic person. They have the same Maverick Attributes as a Socialised Maverick, however, instead of using them for the greater good, they use them solely for their own self interest. If this has a negative consequence for someone they will just shrug this off; especially if the person who is upset has no utility for them.

This type of maverick is usually male extroverts who have an extremely manipulative, albeit charming nature. Extreme Mavericks have a large circle of friends and are members of impressive social and business networks. The fact that they are well connected often means they are able to draw influence and people towards them”.

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Maverick Writers Nick Day and Judith Germain were invited onto the CIPD Recruiting a Diverse Workplace in January 2020. This article looked at the key questions of the panel. Here is an xcerpt from the article:

“As you can imagine from the above questions, it was a great Panel; there was of course additional questions, including some from the audience. During the CIPD Panel, Nick spoke cogently on the role that recruiters can play in enabling companies to have a diverse workplace. I spoke about how Maverick Leaders seek to eliminate bias in decision making and value diversity of thought”.

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Top Featured Articles – 1st quarter … These are the most popular articles in the first quarter of 2020, it will be interesting to see what the next quarter holds.

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