Weapon of mass creation


Weapon Of Mass Creation. Human beings are like tactical nuclear devices, just waiting to go off. They are weapons of mass creation. 40 years ago there was no internet, no mobile phones. We’ve just exploded into a fountain of on-going creativity.

The worst part about all the advancement is that socially, we seem to have hardly changed at all. If you look at our politics and social economics, it’s decades behind where our tech is. And its time for that to change.

Its time that everyone realised that they have a little of that secret sauce in them, that they are a maverick, rule-breaking, ideating weapon of mass creation.

Because we all are. We all solve problems daily, we use our intellect and our instinct to navigate an ever-changing world and we do it every single day. It’s time this talk of there being creative and non-creative people came to a halt. Its time we spent time weaponizing our day to day, domestic ability to invent solutions and went all ninja on the status quo.

Forget the rock ‘n roll, genius-glamour that creativity has become all dressed up in. It’s as low and dirty as sharpening a toothbrush so you can stab someone with it … Just embrace it and use it to change the world around you.

Because why not? It’s not like this is all working so well. It’s not like politics, the environment, social issues and the global financial system are getting nay better, kinder or more effective. IN fact, quite the opposite. We literally have nothing to lose except our job titles and our attachment to the promised rewards.

A weapon of mass creation?

In the ’60s, Mel Rhodes described the 4P framework of creativity. This holds that creativity isn’t a single field phenomenon, but an interlocking framework of People, Processes, Products and The Press (environment).

We’ve spent the last 5 decades being super creative with the Processes and Products part of that framework but often at the expense for the People part and with very little regard for the Press (environment) part. SO much so, that even talking about better working conditions and environment sis mostly met with scorn.

But there is no way out of the current stalemate unless we radically address our social, political, business and financial structures: the major pillars of our environment. We have to change how we think and what we think about. We need to look after PEOPLE.

Right now I am like a lone revolutionary preaching a religion that no-one else understands. That needs to change. It’s no good just me detonating mass creation all over my neighbourhood. We all need to do it.

Will you join the revolution?