What to expect in 2023


What to expect in 2023. When it comes to predicting what will happen in 2023, I’m not Nostradamus and I don’t have a crystal ball. However, I have lived in many countries and know many influential people so while I can’t predict exactly what will happen, I can talk about what we can expect from 2023.

The new year will more or less be the same as 2022 and all the other years. The main difference will be the actions and decisions you choose to make. 

During 2023, we are going to see a continuation in innovation and development. There will be an expansion of artificial intelligence, AI, which might as well also stand for accelerated information. We live in an era where we can have any type of information right away in our hands just because we have a smartphone. Ignorance is no longer justified. If you do not know something, then that is a deliberate decision. 

We are going to see a collapse of traditional education – universities are going to continue to collapse and collapse and collapse. Instead, we will see booming growth in self-development and practical learning. The self-development industry will be generating $1 billion a day.

We are going to see a phase of people wanting to learn a skill. They don’t want to spend five years at university, they want to learn the skill in a short time by going to the right person. We are going to see decades of learning compressed as people will find ways to get the juice of that topic, area or skill in a short space of time. 

One of my biggest pieces of advice for 2023 is to learn a skill, then you can go and teach it. Not being able to go to university is no longer an excuse, learn a skill and teach it to others. Or if you have a skill already, teach it to others and charge money for it. You have everything you need in your phone. 

As well as an explosion of blockchain, we will see an explosion of people who are stuck in their own limiting beliefs which are holding them back – an emotional blockchain. Many people will be stuck in old patterns which are not allowing them to thrive emotionally or financially. Instead of complaining about the actions of the government and that they didn’t give you money or social security, you need to be able to become your own prime minister. You need to be minister of your own finances – take control and educate yourself in financial skills. If you are not in control of your own wallet, then I am sorry but you are the victim of a system and you might not like it at all. 

At this time of year, we are all doing a profit and loss account of what has happened in the last 12 months. In my personal opinion, there is a danger if we don’t have self-awareness and awareness of where we are and what is going on, we will go on repeating the same things. Without awareness, we live our lives in a crazy 8. There are moments when everything seems like it is going well and that is the peak going up but then there are moments of downfall and then it continues going up and down in a continual, crazy constant figure 8.

Why is it so important to have awareness? Imagine you are living your life in a fog or wearing glasses which give you blurred vision. When the glasses are blurred and dirty, your perspective of reality will always be compromised. When you gain awareness, you clean your glasses and yourself a new perspective. As a peak performance coach, my job isn’t to tell you what to do, it is to give you a perspective from a different point of view so you can make your own best decisions.

The year 2023 is when you need to bring in your true self and step into your true identity. Authenticity means you become the author of your life so start writing your own story and empower yourself. You also need to bring in authority – step up as an expert, step up as an authority. You can’t control everything but you can control your mindset, who you choose to spend time with and what you choose to feed your mind, emotions and heart with. Once you have authority in this area, nothing external can control or affect you.

In 2023, you should choose to surround yourself with only quality people. Your standards are based on where you spend most of your time so if you are not happy with where you are living, the food you are eating or your income, upgrade your peer group. Start spending time with people who are mirroring what you want to achieve and living the life you want to live. Choose to have only quality people in your life and stop listening to the views of others. Other people’s opinions should never become your true reality.