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Who are you at work do you know?

Who are you at work do you know? Have you ever pondered on who you are at work and whether that is the same as when you are at home? It’s something that I considered when I was 19 years old. I was feeling fractured and unsure of who I was. I found that I was a different version of me dependant on the community that I was with at the time.

It was exhausting! What was scary, however, was that being a different person wasn’t a conscious decision that I had made. It just happened!

To be so fractured is an untenable situation, and I realised that I needed to be more integrated. At the time I did not know I was a Socialised Maverick. So I took some time to fully understand my strengths and the reasons why I reacted and responded to events in certain ways.

Who are you at work do you know? I personally believe that who you are at work should be who you are at home as well. To be fully integrated leads to better mental health and more authenticity. When you know yourself, it becomes easier to know others.

I believe that there are 4 types of people:

  • The Conformist
  • The Maverick Behaviourist
  • The Extreme Maverick
  • The Socialised Maverick

Each type has it’s own personality, preference and behavioural traits. When you know what type of person you are, you will begin to understand what you need to do to enable you to have success in your endeavours.

Conformists are routine orientated and favour maintaining the status quo and acting within the established norms of society. They can get resentful if they see a maverick receiving more benefits, regardless if the maverick has earnt it.

The Maverick Behaviourist is a Conformist by nature who will act more like a Socialised Maverick in the workplace. This personality type is fragile and can be intimidated into returning to a Conformist state.

The Extreme and Socialised Mavericks are similar in so much as they have a maverick personality. The difference between them is their outlook and motivation. The Extreme Maverick is only interested in themselves. They are very charming and manipulative. The Socialised Maverick works for the greater good. They are authentically charming and are influential, not manipulative.

Judith Germainhttps://www.maverickparadox.co.uk
Judith Germain is the Founder of The Maverick Paradox and has been defining Mavericks as wilfully independent people since 2005.She enjoys working with mavericks and helping organisations develop their leadership cadre. Judith believes that life is a wonderful game and maverick behaviour when harnessed has the power to change the world into a better place.She is the Author of The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders and the podcast host of The Maverick Paradox Podcast. To find out more about mavericks head over to maverickparadox.com. To learn more about mavericks at work head over to maverickparadox.co.uk


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