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Why I do not believe in mistakes

Why I do not believe in mistakes, even right now! The strength and durability that is required to step toward what you feel is YOUR way, to decipher your way from that of the ‘norm’, is the willingness to understand one fundamental truth, ‘There are simply no mistakes in life.’

This is quite possibly one of the most definitive rationales from normal ideology to that of a Maverick.

The progressive thinker, the one willing to leap forward (even with fear) is the one who embraces the ideal that one can simply not avoid suffering. That all decisions can go but one way or another and that all well laid plans may invariably go a completely different way. Perhaps even, that life will deliver unexpected events that will call us to draw on unrecognised strengths to survive.

The person who leads from the front, beats to their own drum, navigates life within their own set of parameters, will find a way to see what lesson lies disguised within the anarchy and chaos. It seems a pertinent time to discuss these matters, with a flurry of fear reaching across the globe.

So often we see, from the arms of disarray many a Maverick are born. It is most often the tiring of life, the weary soul, who transcends into an armour of individuality to live out their life journey. When the tight squeeze of unexpected circumstances challenges every belief you once held, the birthing of a new way often commences.

The realisation that no amount of pre-planning, thorough and systematic preparation or over-zealous methods of control, can protect you from the challenge of life. Life will simply happen and the most powerful antidote you can have is to resist the temptation to try to control uncontrollable things. It is essential to honour what is present, allow all emotions but then begin the journey of total and complete responsibility for the way in which you find your way through.

The greatest reflection of an independent person is the one who takes full ownership for how they choose to experience life regardless of what happens in their external world. The knowing that the only power you truly have is your own thinking, your own feelings and your own coping mechanisms in times of unprecedented change are what sets a Maverick apart.

Why I do not believe in mistakes

In 2006, widowed and with a 3 year old in remission this was a painful realisation to have. Regardless of the ache and yearning for things to be different, there was simply no way I could rectify the problems of which I was now faced. In time, I would learn that finding my way through was in fact the only control I had.

It is often in times of adversity that the layers of conformity and control are often shed. When we are stretched to find a silver lining and our natural way of being in the world is stripped away.

I was no longer who I once was, the safety of just letting life happen to me was essentially replaced with a conscious choice to appoint myself as the director of my life path.

It is rarely easy to surrender to the discomfort of life but until we do, the path can not unfold in front of us as it is invariably waiting to do. The ability to lean back, to choose calm and solution seek is an art form. It is the way of the Maverick to be innovative, conscious and solution focused. It is what guides them through when many others scramble for control.

Why I do not believe in mistakes. Life is not happening to us but for us. In times of crises it is this that sets us apart. There are simply no mistakes.

Andrea Powles-Gullick
Andrea Powles-Gullickhttp://www.soulfullivingwithandrea.com.au/
Andrea, a 41 year old mother of 3, first experienced trauma in 2003 when her first born was diagnosed with Cancer 48 hours after birth. Within 2 years of his recovery, she would lose her husband in a devestating car accident. Proving that life can still be what you make it, Andrea, now a qualified Life Coach, supports women at a cross-road in life to find the courage, clarity and confidence to transform their life.

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